cultured lab-grown meat plant based

Cultured meat, a real food revolution

20 September 2023

The debate over cultured meat has attracted public attention once again. But what is cultured meat, and what are its limitations and potential?


Atlante and Kri Kri: an alliance based on quality

18 September 2023

The Greek yoghurt market in Italy is a well-established segment that continues to grow both in value, with a rate of +21%, and in volume, with a rate of +4% (Nielsen data, June 2023). For years, Atlante and Kri Kri […]


The feta market in Italy continues to grow with record values

4 September 2023

Greece specialist Atlante is riding the wave of success of the most popular Greek cheese among Italian consumers and registering staggering growth rates. In recent years, Greek cheeses have conquered the palates of Italians thanks to their distinctive flavour and […]

Bologna-BFC-partner, Atlante partner del BolognaFC

Atlante is Now Bologna FC’s Official Supplier

1 September 2023

Atlante is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Bologna FC for the 2023-2024 season. “We are thrilled to support a team that is so loved by our city and deeply connected to the area where Atlante was born almost […]

Allevamento alimentazione vegana

As the number of vegans continues to grow, what will happen to livestock farmers?

24 August 2023

The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are rediscovering it. In fact,6.6% of the Italian population declarethemselves vegetarian or vegan (Eurispes data 2023). One of the most common objections to this choice is the potential risk ofbringing […]


New GO FOR FIT Greek High Protein Cheese cubes hit the shelves

22 August 2023

Following the success of the numerous HIGH PROTEIN product ranges launched over the past year, and in order to meet the growing consumer demand for products that support daily well-being, GO FOR FIT– one of Atlante’s flagship brands – has […]


The impact of high temperatures on commodity markets

4 August 2023

The climate has always exerted a significant influence on commodity markets, continually impacting supply, stock, and price levels, thereby causing varying shifts in balance between supply and demand. While the need for monitoring weather disruptions and seasonal changes has persisted, […]

cheddar cheese cathedral city italia_articolo

Atlante is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Cathedral City, the No. 1 cheddar in the UK

4 August 2023

We are proud to announce a partnership with Saputo Dairy UK, part of Saputo Inc., for the exclusive distribution in Italy of Cathedral City, the UK’s most loved cheddar brand. Atlante and the dairy world Atlante has strong expertise in […]

gelati vegani estate piatti vegani

Plant-based foods conquer summer: new ideas and the latest options

4 August 2023

The trend for plant-based products continues into summer 2023 Summer 2023 offersno shortage of 100% plant-based options as the variety of meat alternatives on supermarket shelves increases. Plant-based products are, rightly or wrongly, often associated with the idea oflightness and […]

La fine dell’accordo del grano Russia Ucrania

The end of the Black Sea Wheat Agreement: impact and possible consequences

4 August 2023

In the past year, the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a UN agreement between Russia and Ukraine, has ensured Ukraine’s ability to export agricultural products from its three Black Sea ports: Odessa, Chornomorsk, and Pivdennyi. Since the beginning of August 2022, […]


Atlante’s certification of excellence: BRC A&B and IFS BROKER confirmed with the highest grade

25 July 2023

Atlante is proud to announce the renewal of the BRC Agents & Brokers certification with the highest grade (AA) and the IFS Broker certification with the Higher Level score of 98.50. This is the highest end of the IFS Brokers […]

spiedini proteine di pisello plant heroes

The thousand forms of legumes: from tins to pasta, snacks, and alternatives to meat and fish, legume lovers benefit from high rates of innovation

25 July 2023

The thousand forms of legumes: from tins to pasta, snacks, and alternatives to meat and fish, legume lovers benefit from high rates of innovation Beans, peas, and lentils are not just the protagonists of fables and anecdotes steeped in folk […]

Atlante_Food-fraud_Articolo 1000x675px

A Task Force against Food Fraud Uncovering, Defeating and Protecting Against Food Fraud

19 July 2023

Product and customer protection is central to Atlante, which is why we have developed a robust Food Fraud Risk Assessment Plan. This plan is based on an in-depth knowledge of food fraud vulnerability assessment tools and techniques, which are applied […]


Atlante expands its assortment of greek products in large-scale retail stores

18 July 2023

Atlante enters the fresh cheese section in supermarkets with two new products under the KIONAS, SAPORI DELLA GRECIA brand. In recent years, Greek cheeses have conquered the palates of Italian consumers thanks to their distinctive flavour and versatility in cooking. […]


The vegan food industry will be worth USD 92 billion by 2027

13 July 2023

The vegan food industry continues to grow exponentially. According to the latest figures released by research firm Research and Markets, the industry’s value is expected to reach USD 92 billion by 2027. Positive numbers reflect an annual growth rate of […]


Ian Perotto, Chief Supply Chain Officer, awarded Top 10 most influential people in Supply Chain 2023

10 July 2023

Ian Perotto, Atlante’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, was selected by CIO Views as Top 10 most influential people in Supply Chain 2023 Ian Perotto: A Renowned Executive with Years of Experience in Diverse Areas of Supply Chain Over the past […]


Faith In Nature: discover sustainable beauty at Cosmoprof North America!

7 July 2023

Save the date and meet us in Las Vegas! From the 11th to the 13th of July Atlante will present the Faith In Nature line at CosmoProf North America, the leading B2B beauty exhibition brings together industry professionals, beauty enthusiasts, […]

Barretta proteica salata award miglior barretta proteica salata migliori barrette proteiche salate migliori barrette proteiche vegane

Brands award 2023: the GO FOR FIT savoury Bar with spirulina algae wins the first prize for New Entries

6 July 2023

The GO FOR FIT savoury bar with spirulina algae won the NEW ENTRY first prize at the 24th edition of the Brands Award, held in Milan on 5 July 2023. The New Entry contest is the Brands Award session dedicated […]


Sport and the Plant-Based Diet: Success Stories

30 June 2023

As vegan Novak Djokovic raises his 23rd trophy, becoming the most successful tennis player in the history of the Grand Slam in men’s singles, a very interesting study concerning the successful combination of a plant-based diet and sport is published […]

Ethnic food Ethnic products ethnic cuisine exotic products foreign cuisines foreign products

Ethnic Food Consumption in Italy

28 June 2023

Italians are known all over the world for their rich culinary tradition, but in recent years they have shown a growing interest in ethnic food and its various specialities. What does ‘ethnic’ mean? The dictionary definition of ethnic is: “Of […]


Rimini wellness: a success for the Atlante “GO FOR FIT” team

8 June 2023

From 1 to 4 June 2023, Atlante took part in Rimini Wellness, an event that livens up Rimini every year and is dedicated to the world of fitness, wellness, sport, physical culture, and healthy eating. Rimini Fiera brought together all […]


New consumer food trends: sustainability, artisan foods and food waste reduction purchases

7 June 2023

2023 will see the food sector continue its trend towards the reduction of waste food and good, healthy, simple and sustainable foods.

salmone vegano vivera zero salmon salmone senza pesce

Atlante and Vivera launch the first plant-based alternative to salmon fillet on the Italian market

30 May 2023

Vivera line in Italy expands with a new product ready to revolutionise the market of meat alternatives. Atlante is proud to announce the launch of “No-Salmon” branded Vivera.


The Italy 2023 case: food waste decreases by 12%

24 May 2023

Food waste is a complex phenomenon involving producers, distributors and consumers. According to the latest survey conducted by Waste Watcher , most waste (53%) occurs at home: the foods that Italians throw away the most are fruit, vegetables, bread and […]

Cellular agriculture where we are and future prospects

Cellular agriculture: where we are and future prospects

18 May 2023

The climate emergency due to anthropogenic causes and the growing need for food, primarily protein, due to the increase in the world population are stimulating the food industry to find innovative solutions that have a lower impact on the natural […]


Going Noodle Mad! Taking a look at the AROM’È brand product range.

17 May 2023

A Growth Market The market for noodles has grown exponentially in recent years, especially following the pandemic, with an increase in value of 33% and in volume of 23% over the previous year. (Source: Nielsen data AT September 2022). This […]


Highly volatile agrifood markets: modelling and forecasting for a new supply chain approach

15 May 2023

Wheat, rice, sunflower and tomato are some of the agricultural commodities that can really change the world balance.
Predicting global production, supply and cost trends makes the difference between full shelves and empty shelves – and indeed Covid 19 pandemic made it particularely evident.
For this reason, Atlante chose to use in-depth analytical and forecast research and share it with its commercial partners, to face every possible future scenario together.
In this video Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante, and Enrica Gentile, CEO of Aretè, discuss the new “crystal ball” that enables us to navigate highly volatile agrifood markets. Data analytics and forecasting systems allow planning and facilitate dialogue along the supply chain, while containing price risk even in extremely volatile situations.

mercato-latte-di-cocco-italia-crema-di-cocco-panna-cocco berry sanders coconut milk

Atlante launches Berry Sanders organic coconut milk on the market

13 April 2023

Coconut milk is a smooth and creamy liquid derived from the combination of only two natural ingredients: grated coconut pulp and water. Coconut milk is mainly used as a substitute for dairy cream and in the preparation of delicious, sweet […]


Can Soya production (and Vegans) be held responsible for deforestation?

12 April 2023

The issue of deforestation linked to soyabean production has been the subject of debate and controversy for many years. Vegans and their plant-based diet, in particular soya consumption have been, either directly or indirectly blamed for deforestation.  The reality is […]


Predict the unpredictable

4 April 2023

Unprecedented levels of commodity volatility, imbalances between supply and demand exacerbated by climatic problems, supply chain challenges, the pandemic, geopolitical variables, and financial dynamics linked to exchange rates and interest rates. Atlante’s CEO Natasha Linhart talks about the challenges of […]


Natasha Linhart recognised as most successful Greek Export Partner

31 March 2023

Atlante honoured as most virtuous player in the food sector at the prestigious Export Summit in Thessaloniki   Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante, a strategic partner in the retail sector with a staff of 100 and a turnover of 215 […]


The trend for edible insects: a food source for all?

30 March 2023

Edible insects, relationship with a plant-based diet and the Entovegan concept; the danger to the environment due to the introduction of foreign species in non-native locations and farming energy costs Are foods containing edible-insects chosen by vegan consumers?   Foods […]


Labelling of meat alternatives: a damaging legislative proposal for all

22 March 2023

On 29 December 2022, Mirco Carloni, the President of the Agriculture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, presented a bill proposing a ban on the use of meat-related names for plant-based products. This proposed that terms such as ‘burger’ or […]


Fighting food waste through healthy eating education

10 March 2023

The fight against food waste and the adoption of a healthy, balanced diet are two issues that are closely connected.  A concrete and immediate solution is needed to counter the impact of excess waste has on our economy, the environment […]


Tofu: increasingly appreciated by italian consumers

2 March 2023

Tofu has been the first ‘meat alternative’ to emerge and has its roots in a very ancient tradition. The first recipes were created around 2,000 years ago in China, under the Han dynasty. Soy milk was curdled with salt or […]


Vegamo: a brand that’s always in step with the times

23 February 2023

Vegamo was created by Atlante in 2016 and is now the leading brand for plant-based alternatives in the world of discount stores. Over the years, we have built a wide assortment designed to meet everyone’s needs, from products that taste and […]


Vegetable drinks: a market in continuous growth

23 February 2023

The growth of the vegetable drinks market continues. Increasingly people are choosing to avoid dairy products or are looking for more sustainable alternatives with the growth in consumer demand being the key driving force in this sector. The target group […]


Anche quest’anno ottimi risultati per la campagna Veganuary

10 February 2023

Veganuary è un movimento globale che incoraggia le persone a provare uno stile di vita vegano per il mese di gennaio. Il movimento è stato lanciato nel 2014 con l’obiettivo di sensibilizzare le persone sui vantaggi per la salute, per […]

chic fillet atlante in arrivo

Plant Heroes welcomes chic fillet as part of its expanding assortment

30 January 2023

The market for meat alternatives continues to grow  In Italy, the value of plant-based products exceeded €628 million in 2022 (+10% compared to over €570 million in 2021). Plant-based beverages account for almost half this amount (46%, for a value […]


Chicchi d’Autore gets a makeover

17 January 2023

“In 2022, BASMATI RICE continued growing in Italy, registering +6.0% in value and +5.3% in volume. This figure goes against the trend of the traditional rice market, which reconfirms the downward trend observed in 2021, with -2.2% in value and […]


Aloe Vera Drink: In 2022 the positive trend of the market continues

12 January 2023

In Italy, the positive trend of functional aloe vera drinks continues thanks to their beneficial properties and new, increasingly tasty and innovative products. In 2022, the Italian market showed an increase of +19% in value and +22% in volume over […]


The world of sweeteners is growing and Atlante is on the market with products in line with trends

22 December 2022

“The market for sugar alternatives is dynamic and ever-expanding, especially after the pandemic, which saw many consumers adapting their diets to a healthier lifestyle,” says Paola Parini, Category Manager at Atlante. “One effect of this is the reduction in sugar […]


The Boom of the “Free From” Market

13 December 2022

‘Gluten-free’, ‘Lactose-free’, ‘Meat-free’, ‘Milk-free’, ‘No added sugar’. These are just some of the claims that started to appear on supermarket shelves a few years ago and that now guide consumer choices. The ‘Free From’ market includes more than 13,000 packaged […]



30 November 2022

With a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, the market for high-protein products continues to expand and remain open to innovation. On the wave of this global success and studying the growing needs of consumers, Atlante has launched […]


News from the world: Sustainability

8 November 2022

What impact does our diet have on the environment? A study has calculated the impact of a vegetarian or vegan diet on reducing food consumption. These are the results:


News from Italy: Market Data

8 November 2022

The growth of the Italian plant-based market was confirmed again this year, when it reached a total value of €588 million (NielsenIQ, a.t. July 2022). Alternatives to chilled meat are confirmed as the product segment driving the category’s growth: they […]


Atlante launches Go For Fit plant-based protein drinks

8 November 2022

In line with the protein trend, our R&D department has developed the Go For Fit brand of high protein plant-based drinks, available in natural and cocoa flavours. These drinks are rich in vegetable protein, lactose-free and low in salt. They […]


Who are the consumers of meat alternatives?

27 October 2022

Men and womenof all ages (particularly millennials) Attentive to environmental, health and/or animal welfare issues* 90% of them also consume meat**. The largest consumer base are flexitarians: as manyas 46% of European consumers claim to have reduced their meat consumption […]


News from the world

26 October 2022

The Dutch city of Haarlem will be the first in the world to ban the advertising of meat products. The ban will come into effect in 2024 and will cover a list of products with a high climate impact, including […]


Market Focus: high protein vegetable drinks

25 October 2022

The global market for plant-based protein drinks is worth over $14 billion and continues to grow rapidly. At the same time, consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of a balanced diet and are looking for plant-based products that are […]


Atlante supports the Pakistan population hit by unprecedented floods

12 September 2022

In these past few months, the Pakistan population has been subject to a humanitarian crisis caused by unprecedented floods.  The National Disaster Management Authority has confirmed over a thousand deaths, thousands of injured and about 700 thousand homes destroyed, for […]



9 September 2022

Atlante is a strategic partner of the main Italian and international food retail chains. A few months ago, the company seized the great opportunity to enter the Israeli market by collaborating with a top client such as Carrefour. Building on […]


Vegamo assortment is expanding: the fresh burger is now on the shelves

30 August 2022

Meat alternatives market continues to grow In 2022 the plant-based market in Italy keeps growing and reached €588 Million value (NielsenIQ, MAT July 2022). Chilled meat alternatives are confirmed as the segment that drives the growth of the category: they […]


High protein and plant based? It can be done!

29 August 2022

The consumer base for plant-based drinks in Italy continues to expand “Atlante entered this market around 25 years ago. We were the first in Italy to unlock these products, which were initially designed exclusively for people with intolerances and sold […]



23 May 2022

In May, Plant Heroes’ Belli Freschi range – a highly innovative assortment of fifth-generation products ­– will arrive to the shelves of Esselunga. Our aim was to offer the market a fresh meat-free range that fully satisfies consumers looking for […]



23 May 2022

Precision fermentation enables the production of purified proteins using genetically modified microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria, algae). •Fermentation is a widely tested production process (e.g. in the production of antibiotics). Microorganisms, when placed under suitable conditions and modified with the introduction of […]



23 May 2022

Meat alternatives have ancient origins: Tofu originated in China around 2000 years ago, under the Han dynasty. Soy milk was curdled with salt or acid to form curds, which were then pressed into white blocks. As the recipe spread to […]



31 March 2022

On the occasion of MARCA 2022, the Italian fair dedicated to Private Label that is going to be held in Bologna on 12th and 13th April 2022, Atlante with the participation of Nielsen is pleased to invite you to the […]


Another hard blow to agri-food exports to the United Kingdom

29 March 2022

Atlante highlights the latest crisis that is impacting the shipping routes from Italy to the UK. For months, Italian exporting companies have been forced to undergo increases of up to +600% in tariffs for sea routes.  After having denounced the […]



17 March 2022

The number of flexitarians around the world is growing. As many as 40% of global consumers say they are actively reducing their meat intake. Who are these consumers? Many of them are very young (gen Z) and passionate about sustainability […]



17 March 2022

NIELSEN YEAR-END RELEASE Thanks to the increasing number of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans, and the push of the country’s distribution, meat alternatives performed exceptionally in Italy in 2021. The fresh segment (main meals, tofu and seitan) grew by +29%, for […]



17 March 2022

The link between soybean crops and deforestation has changed consumer perceptions of soy-based products. Attention to the environment is, in fact, one of the main drivers behind the purchase of plant-based products. Though soy plantations are one of the main […]



17 March 2022

On February 8, 2022, the Chamber of Deputies approved a constitutional reform for the protection of the environment. Dario Lavagna, Atlante’s Plant Based Business Unit Manager, commented on this very important result. «The Republic of Italy now has a green […]


Sunflower oil crisis: if the March planting season is missed, food companies could suffer incalculable damages

8 March 2022

Atlante shines a light on the sunflower oil crisis that is occurring at the stock and food production level in Italy and Europe. Sunflower oil is used in a wide variety of food products, from fried foods, cookies, mayonnaise and […]


Atlante enters the Personal Care market with the line “Faith in Nature”

24 February 2022

Atlante is proud to announce that has extended its product range entering the Personal Care market. Indeed, it is now the exclusive distributor of Faith in Nature brand in the US. The Beauty & Personal Care market is experiencing a […]


New position for Atlante Home stand at Homi 2022

18 February 2022

Atlante Home is pleased to announce that it will be present at Homi 2022 at stand C20-D19 in hall 11. After being postponed due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the Homi Fair is ready to welcome its […]


Atlante launches two new Atlante Brand sauces

7 February 2022

The much-appreciated range of Atlante Brand sauces has been expanded with the introduction of two new references with an authentic Italian flavor: artichoke and parmesan sauce and mushroom and parmesan sauce. The new entries in the Atlante Brand family are […]


New dates Marca and Homi fairs

26 January 2022

Due to the rapid spread of the most recent pandemic variant, it was decided to postpone the Homi and the Marca fairs. Both organizations have already set the new dates: Marca 2022 by BolognaFiere will be held on 12th e 13th […]



18 January 2022

Atlante has a great experience in the plant-based world and through the years has developed a wide assortment of milk and meat alternatives in line with market trends and consumer needs. In 2021, Nielsen data confirm the positive trend in […]


Atlante takes part in VEGANUARY 2022

13 January 2022

Atlante has always been committed to sustainability and animal welfare. We are taking part in Veganuary for the second consecutive year with the brand Vegamo. Veganuary is a global challenge that inspires people to follow a plant-based diet for the […]


Atlante Home will participate in Homi 2022

15 December 2021

After the success of the September 2021 edition, Atlante Home, the textile division of Atlante, is pleased to announce its participation in the Homi fair that will be held from 27th to 30th January 2022 at FieraMilano (Rho). Dedicated to […]


Atlante expands its line of popular Italian appetizers

30 November 2021

Leccine olives, grilled artichokes and dried tomatoes are the delicious protagonists of a range expansion that, once again, confirms the Atlante Brand as a guarantee of high quality and respect of raw ingredients and traditional recipes. When the territory is […]


Up front with Banco Alimentare for the 25th edition of “Colletta Alimentare”

30 November 2021

Every day Banco Alimentare collects food surpluses to distribute to associations and charitable structures offering meals or food parcels to people in need. On an annual basis, on the last Saturday of November, Banco Alimentare organizes “la Giornata Nazionale della […]


Atlante launches Kroger-branded pea puffs: a combination of excellence and innovation

24 November 2021

Kroger’s shelves, one of the best-known supermarket chains in the United States, have been enriched with an innovative product, which has immediately become a great success among consumers: Kroger Pea Puffs, tasty but also healthy and vegan snacks with truly […]


The value of a sustainable supply chain

29 October 2021

Sustainable development and the role of food industry: these are the issues tackled by the Chief Supply Chain, Logistics & IT of Atlante – within the interview on the green turn required by supply chain. What is sustainable development and what […]


Atlante drives innovation in the plant-based aisle with its organic seitan and meat-free frankfurters Vegamo

15 October 2021

Plant-based a growing trend The demand for meat alternatives is constantly growing. In particular, around 27% of consumers in the world say they regularly buy plant-based substitutes for meat and in Italy there was a growth in value of 26% […]


A storm brewing in a pasta bowl

1 October 2021

Following a disastrous Canadian harvest, the rush on durum wheat prices on international and national markets continues. We interviewed Natasha Linhart CEO of Atlante, one of Italy’s largest global exporters of pasta about the perfect storm that’s on the horizon […]


Atlante Home took part in Homi 2021

30 September 2021

With its first participation in the Homi fair, Atlante Home successfully placed itself in a national and international context: in fact, the turnout at our stand was great, where it was possible to see our collections and meet our team. […]


Atlante launches Swiss chocolate Napolitains “Le Grand Suisse”

22 September 2021

In line with the success of chocolates on the Italian market, Atlante will now offer the new dark and milk Swiss chocolate Napolitains. The chocolate trend Much loved by Italians, chocolate is one of the favourite foods for people of […]


La Supply Chain di Atlante si fa “social”

21 September 2021

In questa intervista, Marco Zanolli – Chief Supply Chain, Logistics & IT di Atlante – spiega come i cambiamenti socioeconomici in atto possano essere trasformati in opportunità di business, focalizzandosi in particolare sul concetto di Business Transformation in un contesto, […]

Meraki formaggio greco

New Product Launch: Meraki Greek Cheese

17 September 2021

The trend of Greek specialties In Italy, Greek specialties are a growing trend with a 16.9% increase in value, proving that this category is highly appreciated by consumers. In particular, the Feta market grew by 14.6% in value compared to […]


Atlante go behind the scenes at CIBUS 2021

14 September 2021

Atlante’s UK Commercial Director Philip Durham takes us behind the scenes of CIBUS Parma food festival. Celebrating Italy’s thriving agriculture and food production sector, the four-day event is an opportunity for international distributors to introduce their buyers and brokers to […]


Atlante launches Shufersal Tarallini in Israel: a teamwork with excellent results

2 September 2021

Israel: a complex market Israel is a sophisticated country, with an ancient culture but a modern perspective. With a population of around 8.5 million people, a GDP of approximately 400 billion with a pre-pandemic growth rate of 3% and a […]


Sainsbury’s pesto: from the Italian field to the shelves

27 August 2021

“Atlante is the supplier of Sainsbury’s Own Label pesto since 2016. Our pesto is made with fresh Italian basil and it is available in all Sainsburys’ stores and online. We work closely with the Producer to ensure range meets Sainsbury’s […]


Atlante Brand Napolitains: an immediate success

26 August 2021

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most loved and purchased products by consumers all over the world. The uncertainty related to the pandemic crisis has given further impulse to the unstoppable growth trend shown by the sales of this product […]


Atlante launches the line of Casalatte Two-layer Yogurt

24 August 2021

Yogurt: a product that consumers love Yogurt is a very appreciated product among consumers. The high rate of innovation that characterizes this market makes the variety of products offered to consumers increasingly wider and in line with a plurality of […]


Atlante renewed taste the difference fresh filled pasta assortment in Sainsbury’s

10 August 2021

Atlante is proud to announce the launch of six new Taste the Difference filled pasta products. Available in Sainsbury’s stores and online from 4 August, they have new tasty recipes and a redesigned packaging. “We worked to deliver a premium […]


Trend 2021: Plant-based Beverage

6 August 2021

Atlante is a market leader in plant-based products and over the years has developed a complete assortment of alternatives to milk and meat in line with consumer needs and market trends. The plant-based beverage category manager Paola Diani, interviewed by […]


The challenges of the supply chain in the post-pandemic era

4 August 2021

The availability and prices of food products are still strongly influenced by the effects of the global crisis that has been lingering for years, by the pandemic, by the increase in raw material costs, by criticalities related to logistics and […]


Atlante launches a new soya yoghurt in the netherlands

28 July 2021

Plant-based yoghurt: a trending product The plant-based market is currently experiencing a boom in sales and vegan yoghurt is now a global trend. The overall plant-based yoghurt market was valued 2 billion USD in 2020 and has an estimated CAGR […]


Atlante Home will participate in Homi 2021

22 July 2021

Atlante Home, the textile division of Atlante, is pleased to announce its participation in the Homi fair that will be held in FieraMilano (Rho) from 5 to 8 September 2021, at the same time as the Salone del Mobile and […]


Prosecco DOC was a great success in the Yamaya stores

30 June 2021

In the Atlante wine range is included the #Prosecco DOC extra dry. Launched in March 2021, the Prosecco DOC extra dry has received total approval and appreciation from Japanese consumers confirmed by excellent sales performance by Yamaya Coorporation, Japan. A […]


Atlante Academy’s outreach work continues with a webinar dedicated to working hours

22 June 2021

Last month, Atlante and their Atlante Academy presented a webinar called “Working ours: limits, costs, opportunities”. The webinar was designed as an in-depth look at the issues surrounding working time regulations and aimed at HR managers, production managers of the […]


New Atlante’s soya yogurt is now available in Sainsbury’s

22 June 2021

THE PLANT BASED YOGURT MARKET IN THE UK  “The plant-based market is growing across the whole of Europe. Demand is rising and producers continue to launch increasingly competitive products whilst improving taste and increasing accessibility. The rise in popularity of […]


Crisis of tomatoes. Interview for WGN Radio 720

11 June 2021

Natasha Linhart was interviewed by Steve Alexander for WGN Radio 720 Chicago news and talk, on the tomato industry can crisis. The tomato production is at risk non only in Italy but also in the US. “The american production mostly comes […]


Tomato industry in can crisis

4 June 2021

  Tomato industry in can crisis by Raffaele Ricciardi – La Repubblica Cans of peeled tomatoes, invented by a Frenchman, Nicolas Appert, and introduced to the world at the Paris Exposition by Francesco Cirio in 1867, are becoming the most […]


Atlante expands its portfolio with a premium swiss chocolate line

28 May 2021

The new line of chocolate bars, certified by Rainforest Alliance, will be made under their own brand “Le Grand Suisse” Atlante, a company from Bologna that operates as a strategic partner of the main Italian and foreign food distribution chains, […]


Atlante continues to support fondazione banco alimentare emilia romagna to help the needy

27 May 2021

ATLANTE CONTINUES TO SUPPORT FONDAZIONE BANCO ALIMENTARE EMILIA ROMAGNA TO HELP THE NEEDY Atlante, a company based in Bologna that operates as a strategic partner of the main Italian and foreign food distribution chains, is renewing its collaboration with Banco […]


An innovative supply chain is key to a sustainable future

20 May 2021

Besides being a key factor for Atlante, supply chain management is a significant contributor to our success. Thanks to the work of more than 20 people specialised in strategic, planning and executive activities, we develop custom projects and solutions that […]


Atlante expands its product range offering a premium line of Swiss chocolate tablets

26 April 2021

In line with market trends highlighting the excellent performance of Swiss chocolate bars, Atlante expands its range of confectionery introducing a premium line of Swiss chocolate tablets. Italians and their passion for chocolate In Italy, chocolate was, and still is, […]


Italian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

10 March 2021

Since the early stages of the pandemic, we tried to map out shifts in consumer behavior, identify the “new normal” and detect new trends, with the support of Nielsen data. Covid-19 and the Lockdown of the first months of 2020 […]


Organic wines and Prosecco on the table of Japanese consumers

2 March 2021

Atlante brand brings on the table of Japanese consumers several varieties of wines, from the organic ones to the renowned and traditional Prosecco DOC. Organic Wines The Atlante brand assortment of organic wines includes a mouth-watering trio of red wines: […]


Atlante earned CRIBIS Prime Company 2021

2 March 2021

In 2021 Atlante earned again the CRIBIS Prime Company. This certificate represents the highest level of evaluation related to the commercial reliability of an organization. This recognition is granted to companies that constantly maintain high economic and commercial reliability over […]


Atlante, experts in the world of beers

24 February 2021

The selection of beers has always been the flagship of Atlante and responds to the needs of consumers by offering a wide and complete assortment in line with market trends. Atlante beers, a complete assortment for a growing market In […]


Natasha Linhart interview on Bloomerg TV about travel ban and brexit impact

23 December 2020

Natasha Linhart, CEO Atlante Srl, shared her view about the current travel ban and brexit impact on supply chains and food distribution in UK and Europe on“Daybreak Europe” Bloomberg TV show. “The UK is not self sufficient with regards to […]


2020-2021 Container shortage: root causes and scenarios

9 December 2020

Container shortages have become a serious problem. It is impacting manufacturers and retailers causing availability issues and affecting costs. The Supply Chain Team at Atlante is carefully monitoring the situation and has secured sufficient containers to guarantee deliveries to our […]


Covid and Brexit: insights from the food business

12 October 2020

During the interview with Francine Lacqua for Bloomberg Surveillance, Atlante’s CEO Natasha Linhart shared her view as a food business entrepreneur with regards to the implications of the current Covid and Brexit situation. Covid and Brexit: managing uncertainty while delivering […]


Coconut water Jungle Vibes: all the power of super foods

8 October 2020

The trend of super foods True stars of recent years, super foods are considered allied of well-being, much appreciated by consumers, both on their own and as ingredients. Nielsen Observatory Imagino identified the 26 most common super foods in Italy, […]


Atlante has been awarded BRC Agents & Brokers certification with maximum grade AA

11 September 2020

Atlante is proud to announce to have obtained BRC Agents and Brokers certification with the maximum (AA) grade. “We strongly desired this certification which attests our daily commitment to food safety and quality, which are the foundations of the way […]


Atlante unveils new website highlighting expertise and product overview

4 August 2020

Atlante is pleased to present its new website:, fully updated with our latest company information, a look at Atlante’s business model, and a complete overview of its product and brand portfolio. The new Atlante website – designed and built […]


Atlante brings the taste of authentic basmati rice to Italy

14 July 2020

The Basmati rice trend in Italy According to Nielsen’s data, Basmati rice is experiencing the highest growth both in terms of size (16% growth in comparison with 2018) and value (13% of growth in comparison with 2018), among the best-selling […]


Atlante’s journey in the world of textiles

13 July 2020

Passionate about things made with love, care and dedication Atlante’s journey in the world of textiles started a few years ago when the company, historically specialised in worldwide food distribution, decided to widen its horizons and apply its value-adding expertise […]


Sowing seeds of legality into tomato supply chain – Watch the webinar online

18 June 2020

On June 12th, Atlante Academy delivered a webinar to every operator of its tomato supply chain. In this webinar, held just before the beginning of a new crop, three local referenced legal consultants reviewed elements of the Italian legal framework […]


The Atlante – Sainsbury’s partnership

18 June 2020

Atlante has attained the goal of landing the best Italian-made wine and food products on the shelves of international retailers. The partnership with Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second largest food retailer, catering to 29mln customers each week, has gone from strength […]


Atlante Academy: sowing seeds of legality into tomato supply chain

11 June 2020

Atlante Academy, the event platform created by Atlante to offer a unique training and information opportunity and to disseminate the good practices of the food industry, will hold its second meeting on Friday 12 June at 3 o’clock p.m. This […]


Updates on the plant-based market in Italy

8 June 2020

An innovation-driven market tailoring flexitarian consumers Nielsen reports that the Italian meat alternative plant-based market is performing at two different paces: on one side, its size is growing (+2%), on the other, its value is decreasing (-2%), with average prices […]


The new coconut water Jungle Vibes: 100% organic freshness

4 June 2020

Immagino Observatory data highlights how coconut water is listed among consumers’ favourite healthy beverages. Coconut water has a pleasant and refreshing taste and can be considered naturally isotonic thanks to its composition low in calories and rich in five fundamental […]


Greek frozen yogurt, the irresistible addition to Pavlakis Greek specialties range

18 May 2020

The Pavlakis assortment of Greek specialties has deepened thanks to a cutting edge novelty that fits in perfectly with the current health and well-being trend: an ice cream made of authentic Greek strained yogurt, with 2% fat content, excellent nutritional […]


Atlante launches Kri Kri’s Frozen Greek Yogurt in Italy

12 May 2020

Atlante is proud to announce the launch on the Italian market of the first Frozen Greek Yogurt made with 100% authentic Greek yogurt! After the great success of our Greek yogurt assortment, realized under Atlante’s own brand Pavlakis and for […]


Atlante, an agrifood bridge between Italy and Europe

7 May 2020

Thanks to a dedicated team created to manage the pandemic-related difficulties, Atlante has become the spokesperson of a task force that has sponsored a series of measures to support the transportation of goods on a European level, to guarantee the […]


Natasha Linhart joins the debate on Largo Consumo about Walmart’s decision to withdraw assault weapons from the market

27 April 2020

Natasha Linhart, CEO at Atlante, has taken part in the survey by Largo Consumo, a specialist Italian magazine, regarding the decision by the corporation Walmart to withdraw all assault weapons and the relevant ammunition from the market. The question here […]


Behind the scenes of private label

18 April 2020

The recently released Marca XV Report on the evolution of private labels in Italy highlights that private labels lead the development of modern distribution. They conquered the trust of consumers and have proven to be more dynamic than brands in […]


Atlante’s Cuneesi Gianduia and Cappuccino now available in Costco Wholesale Japan

17 April 2020

Our Atlante-branded Cuneesi Gianduia  and Cappuccino are now available in Costco Wholesale Japan. These delicious chocolate pralines with a crunchy chocolate layer outside and a cappuccino or hazelnut cream heart well represent the excellence of Piedmontese confectionery art. The two […]


Vegan and organic: a new frontier for fresh pasta

9 April 2020

Vegamo, one of Atlante’s brands dedicated to vegetarian and vegan products, expands its assortment by launching into the Italian market its first range of vegan fresh pasta, Mezzelune. Like many other Vegamo products, Mezzelune are in line with the ready […]


A European task-force for concrete actions to support logistics

19 March 2020

Atlante has established a European task-force of major operators in the large-scale food retail sector to highlight the great logistic difficulties caused by the global Covid-19 emergency, and to suggest a set of actions aimed at supporting goods haulage at […]


Contingency plan – Coronavirus

9 March 2020

LATEST MEASURES INTRODUCED BY THE GOVERNMENT The Prime Minister introduced new country-wide restrictions aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus through the closure of all commercial outlets, with the only exceptions of FOOD STORES and PHARMACIES, whose services […]


Atlante has implemented an extraordinary plan in order to deal with the serious health emergency

9 March 2020

Atlante has implemented an extraordinary plan in order to deal with the serious health emergency caused by the spread of Coronavirus (Covid -19), with a view to guaranteeing the wellbeing of employees and their families, of customers and suppliers, in […]


RDS Radio interview to Natasha Linhart on Made in Italy

28 February 2020

The radio interview of our CEO Natasha Linhart for Made in Italy, an editorial sponsored by RDS. The column is a journey through success stories and explores brands, symbols, passions, traditions, men and women that have transformed Italian products into […]


The growing success of Greek yoghurt: a healthy and tasty food product increasingly favoured by Italians

21 January 2020

On the occasion of the 2020 edition of Marca in Bologna – the Italian trade fair dedicated to distributor brands – Atlante has chosen to focus on Greek yogurt, a food product which has been extremely successful in Italy and […]


Visit us at MARCA 2020

7 January 2020

On the 15th and 16th of January 2020 we will be at MARCA, one of the largest European trade fairs dedicated to the private label industry that takes place in Bologna every year. Meet us at our booth C94 in […]


Another milestone in Atlante’s export business: from Italy to Japan, Atlante’s namesake own brand on shelf for the first time

3 December 2019

Atlante brings the authentic Italian taste overseas with the first two new Atlante Brand products: Organic Legume Pasta 4-variety pack and Lambrusco wine, in Costco Japan from December 3rd. Interest in global cuisine is growing, and so is the spotlight […]


Atlante, the Greece specialist

13 November 2019

Through its journey around the flavours of the world, Atlante brings to Italy all the authentic flavour of Greece with the Pavlakis line, entirely dedicated to Greek specialities: a wide range of creamy Greek yoghurts, tasty traditional feta cheeses and […]


Atlante brings “Little Italy”to Migros stores in Switzerland, the new corner dedicated to the best Made in Italy food products

8 October 2019

The project, designed in partnership with the Swiss chain Migros, combines the quality and variety of Italian gastronomic excellence 45 products, for 12 producers of Italian gastronomic excellence Little Italy is already available in 87 points of sale throughout Switzerland […]


Atlante and Sainsbury’s together for Italian food product exports to the United Kingdom

29 July 2019

The fifth “Sainsbury’s Brand Conference” was held in Bologna on Friday 26th July, organised by Atlante. The partnership between Atlante and Sainsbury’s – the second supermarket group in the United Kingdom, which also includes the Argos and Habitat brands, with […]


Import-export of quality food: how Atlante has become a nodal point for supermarkets.

4 July 2019

The interview of Natasha Linhart for la Repubblica, by Patrizia Capua. Atlante is a junction between a passion for health and a long journey through the culinary world and the food industry in search of specialities capable of satisfying the […]


Breakthrough on the Italian market: Atlante presents Vivera’s 100% plant-based steak at Marca

10 January 2019

Join us at our booth C96 in Hall 25 at Marca for the release on the Italian market of the first vegan fillet in the world, 100% plant based. Produced by Dutch manufacturer Vivera, this ground-braking product arrived at more […]


Interview with Natasha Linhart for Business 24

19 September 2018

Natasha Linhart, Founder and CEO of Atlante, introduces the company at Pole Pole Position, on Business24, the biggest Italian channel dedicated to business. During the interview, Natasha Linhart recalls Atlante’s journey, highlighting the strong points of the company: a great […]


A new look for Vegamo

23 July 2018

Vegamo is a range of great-tasting meat alternatives dedicated to consumers who wish to reduce or eliminate their intake of animal protein. The Vegamo range offers both chilled and frozen products that are widely appreciated by consumers. Today, Vegamo sports […]


Soyalife vegan spread

9 July 2018

The SoyaLife range includes a delicious vegan spread made of hazelnuts, cocoa and soy. Gluten free and naturally free from lactose, this vegan hazelnut spread is ideal for those who choose to avoid ingredients of animal origin and for lactose […]



5 April 2018

CRIBIS D&B, a leading company in business information services, certifies Atlante as a CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY. This certificate is a recognition of maximum commercial reliability and it is granted to companies that constantly maintain a dynamic reliability on the market, […]


Visit us at MARCA 2018

4 January 2018

On the 17th and 18th of January 2018 we will be at MARCA, one of the largest European trade fairs dedicated to the private label industry that takes place in Bologna every year. Meet us at our booth C14 in hall […]


Atlante and Lambertz: a successful partnership

28 November 2017

The brand portfolio managed exclusively by Atlante in Italy now includes products from Lambertz, the European leader of biscuit assortments. Founded in 1688, Lambertz began making gingerbread cookies in Aachen, Germany. Over the years Lambertz has grown from a small […]


Atlante hits the streets in Race for the Cure

2 October 2017

Atlante is proud to have taken part in the event Race for the Cure organised by Susan G. Komen Italia, a non-profit organization that addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts such as awareness, research, community health and public policy. In the […]


Super Spoon… much more than a Greek yogurt!

4 September 2017

Absolute novelty within the Italian market, Super Spoon is an authentic Greek yogurt that is high in protein and contains superfruits and superfoods. Greek yogurt is a big trend around the world due to the high protein content that it […]


Tutto Food 2017

8 May 2017

Visit us at Tutto Food taking place in Milan, May 8th-11th! Let us take you on a journey through taste. This year we are is exhibiting with two stands: Hall 3, Stand R1-R3 dedicated to 100% pure cocount water and […]