Atlante expands its line of popular Italian appetizers

30 November 2021

Leccine olives, grilled artichokes and dried tomatoes are the delicious protagonists of a range expansion that, once again, confirms the Atlante Brand as a guarantee of high quality and respect of raw ingredients and traditional recipes.

When the territory is synonymous with quality

The new Atlante Brand Italian appetizers are made by a small Apulian company with zero kilometre ingredients, processed according to traditional techniques with the aim of preserving the authenticity of the product as much as possible.

The choice of Apulia, known as Puglia in Italian, as a place of procurement and processing of raw materials was not by accident, but rather played a fundamental role in the conception and development of the Atlante Brand novelties.

In fact, Apulia is not only a place of incredible charm and culture, as also confirmed by the National Geographic ranking, which for the second consecutive year has chosen it as the most beautiful region in the world, but it is also an area famous for the quality of its tomatoes, olives and artichokes that are grown, processed and preserved following techniques that have their origins in ancient traditions and in a deep-rooted culture of respect and enhancement of raw materials.

A product intended for large-scale distribution that preserves the culture of having things “homemade”

The care with which these new products are prepared is the fundamental element of uniqueness that distinguishes them from the products of the same category that consumers can usually find on the market.

The products, in fact, are harvested in full respect of their seasonality in order not to compromise their taste and organoleptic properties.

Each preparation step is designed to preserve the quality of the raw materials. For this reason, for example, tomatoes are dried in the sun following the tradition. Sun-drying is slower than the oven equivalent, and also less impactful from an environmental point of view. For the same reason, artichokes are not grilled in electric ovens, but on vegetable coal. Furthermore, the conservation of the products takes place exclusively in zero kilometre olive oil, contrary to what happens for most industrial products, which are commonly preserved in seed oil.

In line with this culture of having things “home-made” and respecting raw materials, all the condiments are dosed by hand and inserted jar by jar, to ensure the perfect proportion between raw materials and condiments.

Leccine olives, grilled artichokes and dried tomatoes under the Atlante Brand

Carefully selected artichokes preserved in olive oil with fresh aromatic plants, tomatoes harvested in full ripeness and top quality Leccine olives made less bitter through a natural process with water and salt for a few months. These are the delicious ingredients that make up the three new Atlante Brand appetizers. Prepared according to ancient Mediterranean recipes, these dishes are able to bring to the table the flavours of the Italian tradition and all the goodness of the best quality raw materials.

These typically Italian popular appetizers are excellent on their own, but also ideal for creating delicious compositions, to provide a touch of delicacy to pasta or meat dishes and to enrich your meal with a traditional Italian aperitivo.