Atlante and GDO Week together against food fraud

5 February 2024

Atlante, a strategic partner of main Italian and international retailers for the selection, import and distribution of food products, has always paid particular attention to the risks linked to food fraud. In July 2023, Atlante officially launched the Food Fraud Risk Assessment project: a solid mitigation plan dedicated to assessing the risks associated with food fraud with the introduction of a specialized figure, the Food Fraud Specialist.

The collaboration with GDO Week for a monthly column dedicated to food fraud vulnerability falls under Atlante’s broader plan to raise awareness on food fraud. The Atlante Food Fraud Observatory, signed by Enrico Santi, Quality Italy & Corporate P.T. Manager of Atlante, will offer insights, analysis, vulnerabilities and best practices to address the complexity of food fraud, with in-depth analysis of different categories of product, from coffee to yogurt, from oil to pasta – and so on.

This synergy highlights Atlante’s ongoing commitment to raising awareness about food fraud and exchanging best-practice strategies to safeguard the authenticity and integrity of the food we enjoy at our tables.

From GDO – Week 01 – January 2024