Atlante launches the new Poke Naoki Sauce!

20 May 2024

The Poke bowl has emerged as one of the most popular food trends in recent years – a flavourful and nourishing dish rooted in Hawaiian tradition that caters to diverse tastes. In line with the growing demand for ethnic cuisine, Atlante, through its Naoki brand, offers consumers a range of home-friendly products. The latest addition to the brand is the Poke Sauce, a bold and tasty sauce, perfect for dressing poke bowls.

According to Dario Lavagna, Plant-based Business Unit Manager at Atlante, there has been a remarkable surge in poke consumption in Italy. This not only underscores the rising popularity of ethnic cuisine but also drives double-digit growth in retail sales of these sauces. The distinctive flavour of poke sauce now takes centre stage in this expansion, becoming an essential garnish for countless international recipes.

The real Hawaiian poke recipe

The original recipe is a cornerstone of Hawaiian culinary heritage. In Hawaiian, ‘poke’ means ‘to cut into pieces,’ and it is from this practice that the dish’s concept emerged. Historically, fishermen would cube the fish to sustain themselves during long days at sea, seasoning it simply with sea salt and seaweed.

Today, poke has evolved into a globally loved dish because it is not only delicious but also nutritious, well-rounded, and incredibly versatile. This recipe embodies a fusion of cultural influences, enriched by a diverse array of ingredients seamlessly bound together by the sauce.
Naoki Salsa Poke

Naoki expands its range to embrace the ethnic cuisine trend

The Naoki Poke Sauce is created from a blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, a splash of lemon juice, and a dash of pepper. Its enticing mix of flavours, spanning from savoury to spicy, sweet to exotic, makes this sauce an irresistible choice for those seeking to infuse their dishes with fusion flair.

In recent months, the Naoki family has grown significantly, aligning with the growing demand for ethnic products. Furthermore, new launches are slated for the upcoming year, further broadening the Asian range with new noodles and sauces in three delightful variants, each boasting a unique taste profile.