Atlante continues to support fondazione banco alimentare emilia romagna to help the needy

Over the last two years, more than 885 thousand packages of food products from the brands distributed by Atlante have been supplied to Banco Alimentare Emilia Romagna, recovering the excess of goods that could no longer be sold on the market but that were safe to consume

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Atlante unveils new website highlighting expertise and product overview

Atlante is pleased to present its new website:, fully updated with our latest company information, a look at Atlante’s business model, and a complete overview of its product and brand portfolio.

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Atlante esporta le mele italiane in India

Con Atlante le mele italiane volano in India • Esportate le mele Gala, Granny e Red Delicious prodotte in Trentino Alto-Adige e Piemonte • Da settembre ad oggi sono stati esportati in India 1.000.000 kg di mele in 50 container

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