Influencers and Valuable Content: Our Digital Communication for Plant-Based Brands

2 May 2024

Atlante at ‘Fa’ la cosa giusta!’ Fair with Vivera No-Salmon

Atlante recently took part in ‘Fa’ la cosa giusta!’, the renowned Italian trade fair promoting organic, plant-based, and local food as well as critical fashion, sustainable mobility, and responsible tourism.

The flagship product presented by Atlante was Vivera plant-based No-Salmon, a delicious and sustainable alternative to fish that is good for our oceans and roused the interest and taste of consumers attending the fair. We collected some reactions from people who tried it on Vivera’s social channels!

How we communicate the plant-based world on Atlante’s social media

On this occasion, Silvia Nanetti, Digital Marketing Specialist at Atlante, shared the digital communication strategies adopted for plant-based brands Vegamo and Vivera.

“We have built a dynamic online presence through social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. We collaborate with many influencers who create vegetarian and vegan recipes for us, as well as special content focusing on sustainability,” says Silvia. “This is why the influencers and content creators we select for online communication are not just product promoters, but narrators of our philosophy.”

“The issue of sustainability is very close to our consumers’ hearts, so, with both our brands, we are very careful to communicate all packaging and production initiatives aimed at reducing our impact on the environment. Vivera has set very ambitious goals in this regard, which we are communicating on our social channels with a dedicated column.”

A strong focus on influencer marketing

At Atlante, we believe influencer marketing is a bridge to create authentic connections with our audience. We favour a careful selection of creators, seeking partners whose audiences and values align with those of our brands. The key to our approach is trust: we build strong relationships and offer influencers transparency and creative freedom.

We believe in the power of real, engaging content, so we encourage influencers to create authentic experiences that truly reflect our brands. Last but not least, part of our digital team’s job is also to constantly monitor the performance of our campaigns, using data to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies.

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