Atlante launches Berry Sanders organic coconut milk on the market

mercato-latte-di-cocco-italia-crema-di-cocco-panna-cocco berry sanders coconut milk

13 April 2023

Coconut milk is a smooth and creamy liquid derived from the combination of only two natural ingredients: grated coconut pulp and water. Coconut milk is mainly used as a substitute for dairy cream and in the preparation of delicious, sweet or savoury recipes.

Coconut milk is a staple ingredient used in the preparation of oriental and South-East Asian dishes. Its versatility and unique qualities have also become part of our cuisine in Italy.

Its rich and creamy texture makes it an ideal ingredient for sweet or savoury recipes and it is used to recreate delicious summer drinks such as Piña colada.

As it is of plant origin, it is ideal for those following a vegetarian and vegan diet. It is also gluten-free and therefore suitable for people with coeliac disease, it has no added sugar and is naturally lactose-free.

An emerging market

The coconut milk market is still considered a small emerging market with great potential for growth. To date, the market has a value of almost EUR 3 million, but is showing significant increases of 24% in value and an  increase in volume of 21% when compared to the previous year. (Source: Nielsen data AT November 2022).mercato-latte-di-cocco-italia-crema-di-cocco-panna-cocco berry sanders coconut milk

Atlante enters the market with Berry Sanders Coconut Milk

Atlante will launch Organic Coconut Milk under the Berry Sanders brand.  Atlante are experts in products from the Far East and imported more than 200 containers in 2022.

Berry Sanders Coconut Milk is made from organic coconuts sourced from Thailand, a feature that sets it apart from other competitors on the shelf.

Atlante, One Stop Shop

Atlante continues to consolidate its’ position as the ‘One Stop Shop’ of choice for customers and is a source for everything from traditional or ethnic cuisine to Mexican and Indian specialities.

Berry Sanders Coconut Milk will enrich a product portfolio dedicated to ethnic specialities that are increasingly in demand on Italian shelves. These include Naoki soy sauce and poke sauce, Arom’è noodles, Chicchi d’Autore basmati rice and the Aloissima line of aloe vera drinks.

The Atlante product offering and extensive range of products enables it to respond promptly to those customers seeking increasingly innovative, sought-after and trend-setting products on the shelf.

The careful and expert selection of suppliers and world partners over many years has enabled Atlante to offer the right products at the right time, responding promptly to each and every trend in the market.