Atlante, the Greek food expert

Atlante formaggi mediterranei

24 April 2024

Atlante, a specialist in Greek products, has been catering to the global market for Greek specialties for over 10 years, providing a wide assortment of typical, authentic, and high-quality products. Our range spans across several categories, including creamy Greek yogurts, authentic PDO feta cheese, traditional sauces, and various types of Mediterranean cheeses.

Atlante pays close attention to market trends and strives to develop products that align with evolving consumer preferences and satisfy their dynamic tastes. Indeed, in recent years, Mediterranean cheeses have gained significant traction among Italian consumers, becoming increasingly present on our tables. They are sought after not only as accompaniments to traditional dishes, but also as a lighter alternative to typical cheeses.

Today, supermarket shelves boast several types of products with Mediterranean flavours, including PDOfeta in different formats: diced, twin-pack, and vacuum-packed. Halloumi cheese has also made its debut on the market. Halloumi is a typical Cypriot cheese made from cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk. It has a firm texture and is characterised by savoury notes. It is strong and rich in flavour and can be eaten raw, but its real strength is the texture obtained by grilling it, which makes it a true innovation for the cheese market.

The fresh cheese segment sold by Atlante in Italy in 2023 showed strong volume growth (+56% year-on-year). Growth was driven by feta, which is the most important category for Atlante and follows the excellent market performance of all Greek specialities (Greek yoghurt, feta, etc.). We offer feta under our own Kionas and Pavlakisbrandsandare also Private Label product suppliers.

In 2023, Atlante also introduced cubed protein cheese, a novel product that addresses the growing demand for high-protein offerings within aproduct category that lends itself well to this target consumer group.

Market trends and new launches

In 2023, the most significant trends in the market concerned Mediterranean speciality products. In particular, Greek specialities have seen a significant increase in consumer interest. Both traditional and innovative products such as halloumi, a Cypriot cheese, have gained popularity on Italian supermarket shelves.

Consumers are attracted by the versatility and distinctive flavour of halloumi, which can be enjoyed grilled, fried, or used as thestar ingredient in salads and main dishes.

Among the most important purchase drivers for these products was the search for authentic culinary experiences, the trend towards a healthier lifestyle, and the search for high-quality, affordable products.

Looking to 2024, it is reasonable to predict that the trend for Mediterranean products will continue, and we may see a further expansion of Greek specialities and other Mediterranean products in Italian supermarkets. In addition, new cheese varieties and other typical foods could emerge to meet the ever-increasing demand of consumers seeking unique and healthy culinary experiences.

Market innovation and new launches

While innovation within the feta market remains relatively limited, two prominent directions have emerged. Firstly, there is a notable focus on products offering enhanced convenience, such as pre-cubed feta, anti-waste formats, and re-sealable packaging. Secondly, functional products are gaining traction, particularly light variants (bearing in mind that fat reduction is not permitted within PDO guidelines, resulting in non-PDO offerings) and lactose-free options.

In 2023, Atlante unveiled a brand-new innovation: the High Protein Go For FitGreek cheese. Perfect for enriching salads or to enjoy plain, this product comes in a convenient 125gpack in ready-to-eat cubes. Each pack boasts a remarkable 25gof protein (or half the recommended daily requirement) and 70% less fat than its light counterparts.It is also lactose-free and perfect for anyone wishing to supplement their daily protein intake without compromising on flavour or convenience.