Who are the consumers of meat alternatives?

27 October 2022

  • Men and womenof all ages (particularly millennials)
  • Attentive to environmental, health and/or animal welfare issues*
  • 90% of them also consume meat**.
  • The largest consumer base are flexitarians: as manyas 46% of European consumers claim to have reduced their meat consumption in the last year. 39% plan to do so, and 25% would like to consume more plant-based products next year
  • They prefer to eat meals that are simple and quick to prepare
  • They tend to belong to higher income brackets***
  • The main factors that prevent them from switching to a 100% vegan diet are the limited availability of vegan products outside the home and the price of meat alternatives**.


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**NDP Group,2021
*** “Consumer Acceptance of Plant-Based Meat Substitutes: a Narrative Review”, Foods, 2022