Atlante launches Swiss chocolate Napolitains “Le Grand Suisse”

22 September 2021

In line with the success of chocolates on the Italian market, Atlante will now offer the new dark and milk Swiss chocolate Napolitains.

The chocolate trend

Much loved by Italians, chocolate is one of the favourite foods for people of all ages. In particular, in 2021, the consumption of chocolate was characterised by the search for gratification during the intense moments of stress during the pandemic and by the choice of premium products, such as Swiss chocolate: a small bite of high quality sweetness to alleviate the stress of an extraordinary situation. Among the most popular products, there are chocolates that have reached a market value of 116.6 million euros with an increase of 11.6% compared to July 2020.

The new Le Grand Suisse Napolitains

Always at the forefront of current trends and with the strength of the success achieved on the foreign market with the launch of the Atlante Brand Napolitains in Japan, we are pleased to present on the Italian market the new Swiss chocolate Napolitains under the Le Grand Suisse, our brand dedicated to the world of Swiss chocolate.

Subtle and refined, with a unique design, Napolitains Le Grand Suisse are made in Switzerland according to the ancient recipe of master chocolatiers, with carefully selected Rainforest certified cocoa and high quality ingredients. Available both in the milk chocolate version and in the dark chocolate version, in a practical resealable package, they will remind you of the irresistible taste of authentic Swiss chocolate.

The launch of our Napolitains was the result of a team effort to guarantee our customers a premium product, in an elegant and captivating packaging that completes our range of Swiss chocolate bars Le Grand Suisse.

“We are very happy with the sales of chocolate and especially with our Swiss chocolate: for this reason we have decided to complete our new range of Le Grand Suisse chocolate bars with the addition of a delicious and refined product that can satisfy the demands of consumers. Like the Le Grand Suisse chocolate bars, Napolitains are also made with selected cocoa characterised by the Rainforest Alliance certification which guarantees the constant commitment of Atlante at an environmental and social level: the Rainforest certification ensures compliance in the production of cocoa with measures that improve agricultural practices, fight the climate crisis, preserve forests and protect human rights. Our Napolitains offer customers a premium chocolate suitable for different moments of the day” declares Atlante chocolate category manager, Paola Diani.

Thanks to their delicate and rich taste, Napolitains are, in fact, perfect for various occasions: with coffee to enhance its aroma, to indulge in at the end of meals, or in the company of your guests to offer them an irresistible moment of sweetness.

Grazie al loro gusto delicato e goloso, i Napolitains sono, infatti, perfetti in varie occasioni: durante il momento del caffè per esaltarne l’aroma, alla fine dei pasti per concedersi una coccola golosa, in compagnia dei vostri ospiti per offrirgli un irresistibile momento di dolcezza.

In addition to the Le Grand Suisse brand, our Napolitains are available under private label, so that we can also offer our customers the possibility of creating tailor-made projects.