Soup to go: atlante launches innovative vitto-branded legume cup soups

25 October 2023

For Atlante, innovation is the key to meeting the demands of increasingly discerning and curious consumers. This is why the company is thrilled to present an absolute novelty in the Instant Meal category: the Vitto brand Soup To Go soup in a cup. These soups are the result of thorough research and development efforts aimed at combining the best legume soup recipes and flavours with the convenience of a cupped product that allows consumers to enjoy a delicious soup anytime, anywhere.


Innovation and quality in a takeaway cup

The new Vitto-branded Soup To Go cup soup combine innovation, service, and nutrition in the best possible way with three new recipes for a healthy, complete meal that’s ready to eat in just five minutes.

Vitto soup


with lentils and green curry, ideal for an intense flavour experience with an Asian touch.


with peas, tomato, and basil, perfect for lovers of delicate flavours.


with lentils and spicy soya, the choice for those who prefer more refined flavours.


These grain-free legume recipes boast a short, clean ingredient list, along with the following nutritional claims: rich in protein, rich in fibre, suitable for vegetarians, no glutamate, and no added sugar.

The soups ensure a complete and satisfying nutritional experience thanks to the dehydrated sauce that keeps the properties of the ingredients intact, while the cup format offers a higher level of service and makes the soups quick and easy to prepare (just pour boiling water, stir, and stand for 5 minutes, and you’re ready to go!).

Legume Cup Soups are the new standard for quick and healthy meals, offering an ideal and convenient solution for quick lunches at the office, for meals on the move, and for those seeking a balanced diet without compromising on flavour, taste, and quality.

Versatility in cup

Soup To Go soups appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers looking to improve their lifestyle and boost their free time. They come in adventurous flavours and time-saving formats that make it easy to enjoy healthier and innovative options.

Elisa Tabanelli AtlanteIncreasingly dynamic consumers and snack lovers appreciate healthy, convenient and quick solutions, and are willing to pay a higher price for them. Vitto soups do not only meet their needs – they are also a healthy option for those seeking a balanced diet, and are of interest to athletes and health-conscious people who are mindful of wellness, simplicity, and good ingredients that are naturally rich in vegetable proteins.

The new Soup To Go soups are the result of months of research to find the right formula in terms of ingredient selection, taste, texture, and nutritional values,” comments Elisa Tabanelli, Junior Category Manager at Atlante. “Our aim has always been to develop a healthy and practical option without sacrificing sensory gratification. We invested time and energy and started from scratch when necessary – but we never gave up. Now the product is ready, and it is exactly what we wanted: a practical and high-quality soup that can be enjoyed in a few minutes at any time of day!

Instant meals increasingly on the shelf

Globally, instant meals have gained popularity in recent years due to more hectic lifestyles that have increased the desire for time-saving meals without compromising on taste and nutritional values. The number of product launches in the category is growing worldwide, especially amidst rising inflation and a higher cost of living, seeing consumers increasingly involved in the search for healthier and more convenient comfort food options.

In Italy, the ready-to-eat soup market has always favoured grain and legume-based solutions, reaching a value of €27 million. However, this segment has not met some of the most pressing needs for consumers looking for a solution that is healthy, convenient, easy to use, and with increasingly short preparation times. Atlante has filled this gap in the Instant Meal market with Vitto-branded Soup To Go, alongside other soups, instant noodles, cup noodles, and ready meals in pouches. Atlante’s decision to develop and launch Soup To Go soups is the result of a careful analysis of the Italian and international markets with the aim of meeting the growing demand for instant meal solutions with less grains and more legumes (considered ideal plant-based ingredients for improving the taste and nutritional value of meals), which are free of preservatives and additives.