Plant Heroes welcomes chic fillet as part of its expanding assortment

chic fillet atlante in arrivo

30 January 2023

The market for meat alternatives continues to grow 

In Italy, the value of plant-based products exceeded €628 million in 2022 (+10% compared to over €570 million in 2021). Plant-based beverages account for almost half this amount (46%, for a value of €271 million), followed by chilled meat alternatives (23%, €165 million). The latter continue to grow and have registered an increase of +20% in value. Source: Nielsen, year-end 2022.


Plant Heroes chic fillet: a product in line with consumer needs 

Atlante is always at the forefront of product innovation in the plant-based world, striving to meet the needs of consumers who have increasingly high expectations of this category. At Marca 2023, we launched the two new products that form part of the Plant Heroes assortment. Following our Zero Salmon, the second product we will be presenting is our Chic Fillet, a chicken-like fillet that replicates the look, taste and texture of chicken in an incredible way.


This 100% plant-based product resembles the classic chicken breast in every way. Its fillet-like format makes it perfect for a wide range of cooking methods. It is great simply pan fried for 5 minutes, but can also be sliced to create tasty salads or more complex recipes. A source of protein, iron and B12 vitamins, Chic Fillet is designed to replicate all the characteristics of its animal counterpart as closely as possible.