“Sustainability for the Future – Awareness Day” organised by Atlante at the MAST Foundation in Bologna

30 November 2023

An event dedicated to sustainability awareness

Sustainability for the Future evento Atlante al MASTOn November 29th Atlante organised the event “Sustainability for the Future – Awareness Day,” within the Auditorium of Fondazione MAST in Bologna.

Part of Atlante’s corporate social responsibility efforts, the event was attended by an attentive and interested audience. This attendance confirmed the company’s significant role in promoting sustainability awareness – an essential objective that Atlante honours through its own business practices and by raising awareness and disseminating concrete examples.

The event opened with a screening of the documentary “A LIFE ON OUR PLANET” by renowned broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

Pubblico MAST evento Atlante Sustainability for the future awareness day

The focal point of the subsequent discussion was a reflection on humanity’s impact on the Earth and how each individual can contribute to alleviating their own impact. The debate offered valuable insights into adopting a more conscious and responsible approach to sustainability.

Direct testimonies from Atlante’s partners, including Bologna Football Club, Bologna Business School and International School of Bologna, enriched the debate, providing key insights for a concrete and future-oriented commitment.


Our Sustainability Awareness Day in a minute

We are the last generation that can make a difference

“Today is not about business,” said Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante. “The essence of this initiative is to shed light on the critical need for both individual and collective awareness on how we can help preserve our planet. We are bringing together 300 people here in Bologna, representing diverse backgrounds, educations, and perspectives – many of them are young people under the age of 20. We are the last generation that can truly make a difference in this crucial global effort to safeguard our planet. Time is running out, and once it’s gone, there will be no turning back. Yet, awareness remains the most powerful tool that can kindle a light of hope. Our planet is a shared asset, a legacy entrusted to us, and we must act with unwavering determination to ensure its sustainability.”

A shared commitment

Head of Sustainability BFC“Bologna FC – declared Clara Simonini, Head of Sustainability of Bologna Football Club – has consistently demonstrated a keen awareness of sustainability issues. Our objective is to convey that we are more than just a football team; we are a club dedicated to addressing social and environmental sustainability comprehensively. Recognizing the fundamental educational role of football and its international reach, we believe it serves as a vital component for fostering positive impact processes. Therefore, we initiate long-term value projects aimed at benefiting both the local community and the broader society”.

Janecke Aaraes Direttrice International School of Bologna

“At the International School of Bologna,” said Head Janecke Aarnaes, “we view education as a lever for positive change. We endeavour to instil in our students the skills and predispositions to become agents of change capable of shaping a just and sustainable world. I am grateful to Atlante for giving ISB students a voice at the Sustainability for the Future event, as they are the future generation of guardians of our planet.”

BBS @ Atlante Sustainability EventThe discussion was further enriched by the Director of the Centre for Sustainability and Climate Change at the Bologna Business School Matteo Mura and two distinguished BBS former students: Martina Riolino, today CEO Zoé Food, and Loza Tamirat, Business Analyst Vertiv EMEA.

The networking session and closing refreshments offered the opportunity to end the day in a convivial atmosphere, strengthening the connection between participants.

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