Atlante and Bologna Business School: A Partnership Renewed Over Time

Atlante and Bologna Business School Partnership

29 May 2024

In 2016, a collaboration that has lasted for more than seven years began between Bologna Business School (BBS) and Atlante, emerging from Atlante’s need to recruit young talents with an international perspective and an open mindset —qualities that resonate with the core values of both institutions.

“We were looking for interns with an international outlook, who were aligned with our corporate culture and the food & wine sector,” says Michela Forni, CHRO – Chief Human Resources Officer of Atlante. This search led to a collaboration centred on young, dynamic individuals with the right background and a readiness to grow with the company.

From 2017 to 2024: A Growing Partnership

In recent years, the partnership between Atlante and BBS has flourished, yielding many tangible results. To date, Atlante has welcomed a total of 20 interns, 9 of whom came directly from BBS. These young talents have seamlessly integrated into the company, many continuing their careers at Atlante for years and making significant contributions to its success.

Another step forward in this collaboration was the introduction of a scholarship dedicated to the Global MBA 2024, worth €35,000, intended for a deserving female student. This initiative demonstrates Atlante’s commitment to supporting higher education and providing professional growth opportunities to the new generations.

Board Program Advisory Committee: Bridging the Gap Between Companies and Students

A cornerstone of the MBA Food and Wine program’s success is the Program Advisory Committee, which plays a vital role in the educational development of its participants. Comprised of various local companies, this board enables BBS to actively engage businesses in shaping the educational programs, ensuring that the curriculum remains relevant and aligned with current market needs. Atlante’s involvement in this committee exemplifies its strong commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration between the realms of education and business.

Leadership Talk: Bridging Students with Today’s Leaders and Managers

A highlight of the collaborative efforts between Atlante and Bologna Business School is the series of direct meetings between students and company managers, offering invaluable opportunities for learning and professional growth. On April 15th, the first Leadership Talk featured Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante, engaging with participants of the Global MBA. During the event, Natasha shared her leadership approach and discussed business strategy, providing students with crucial insights into managing international market dynamics. These direct interactions with business leaders grant students access to high-level knowledge and experiences, significantly enriching their educational journey and equipping them for future challenges in the workforce.

Continuous Growth Together

Michela Forni, CHRO of Atlante, underscores the profound significance of the collaboration with Bologna Business School: “This partnership transcends mere knowledge sharing. It embodies our commitment to innovation, growth, and professional development. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue evolving together, inspiring each other, and creating value for students, companies, and our community. Embracing this spirit, we are prepared to face a future rich with opportunities and challenges, fully aware of the potential we can achieve together.”