Atlante grows and boosts exports

natasha linhart

26 September 2023

Natasha Linhart, founder and CEO of Atlante, was interviewed by Corriere Della Sera, where she discussed the company’s exponential growth and the increasing consolidation of its international reputation.

Investment in training and innovation underpins the company’s growth process and is bringing excellent results. The projected turnover for this year is €250 million, with very high expectations for the coming years.

Bologna, the capital of the Food Valley

In recent days, CEO Natasha Linhart convened manufacturers and suppliers to discuss innovation in the sector and share best practices for exporting to Italy and the various countries Atlante serves, including the USA, Switzerland, UK, India, Japan, South Africa, and Israel.

“For one day, Bologna was the capital of the Food Valley,” she emphasised. “Approximately one hundred Italian companies took part in the meeting held at Palazzo di Varignana, as well as our foreign partners, which include Migros from Switzerland, Sainsbury’s from the UK, and Kroger from America. Together, we refined strategies to ensure healthier and more controlled food products for our customers and consumers, from the origin of raw materials to the store shelf, including the fight against food fraud.”

One of Linhart’s primary focuses is training. “For Atlante, which is projected to close 2023 with a turnover of €250 million,” explained the CEO, “training is essential. This year alone, we have invested over €200,000 in professional training for our employees and in local activities, including courses on legislative regulation and work ethics for local producers.” Thanks to this mindset, Atlante’s future looks promising, with estimates projecting a turnover of €287 million for 2024 and a budget target of €330 million for 2025.

The search for personnel

Employment will also grow. “In the last year,” Linhart announced, “we have hired around ten young professionals with an average age of 25. We are expanding our facilities and storage capacity. Our workforce, currently at 96 employees, will increase to 110 in 2024 and 114 in 2025. We are primarily seeking marketing specialists, agronomists, transport and logistics experts, and IT specialists to manage company IT security and data supervision. If required, we will offer them two work-from-home days per week”.

A strong commitment to social work

Corporate social responsibility is crucial for Atlante. For years the company has been supporting both local and foreign communities in need through various channels. Since 2013, for example, we have maintained an ongoing collaboration with Banco Alimentare, sending surplus food products to Banco Emilia Romagna. These products are safe and of high quality but cannot be sold due to their proximity to expiration dates. Banco Alimentare Emilia Romagna serves 750 facilities, supporting over 125,000 people in the region. Additionally, Atlante promotes corporate volunteering activities where employees participate in volunteer days alongside Banco Alimentare employees in the Imola warehouse.
Charity sports initiatives are also organised to give concrete support to populations facing difficult times. The latest example is the earthquake in Morocco, for which Atlante invited all its employees to participate in a fundraising walk to those affected by the disaster.