Kionas, the New Atlante Brand for Greek Specialities, Is Now Online!

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9 January 2024

Atlante, a Specialist in Greek Products, Launches Kionas Online

Atlante, a specialist in Greek products known for its attention to tastes and trends, has firmly established its presence in the Greek specialty market. For over a decade, Atlante has been at the forefront of the Greek specialty world with the Pavlakis brand and various private labels for major Italian retailers, offering an extensive product range that includes creamy yogurts, flavourful Greek cheeses, authentic PDO feta cheese, and distinctive sauces. Now, Atlante has decided to launch KIONAS, its own brand dedicated to the large-scale retail, online!

Discovering the Kionas brand

Kionas, one of Atlante’s unique Greek speciality brands, is a perfect fusion of culinary authenticity and modernity. Dedicated to the large-scale retail trade, the Kionas brand already boasts a full assortment of creamy Greek yoghurts, embracing the Greek culinary tradition with a modern and dynamic twist.

But Kionas is more than just a food brand. Kionas is an everyday ally that encourages consumers to stop and take a moment for themselves: #KionasTime. Whether opening a jar of Kionas Yoghurt, pausing to appreciate its creaminess, anticipating its unique flavour, or simply taking the time to savour it, Kionas turns every coffee break into a special moment.

The Wide Range of Greek Specialities: From Yoghurt to Feta

The Kionas brand distributes a wide range of products, from irresistible Greek yoghurt – rich in protein in mouth-watering flavours – to fine PDO feta cheese produced in the limited areas of Greece. Kionas caters to every culinary desire, providing options suitable for every occasion and palate.

Our Goal for Kionas: Raise Brand Awareness to Boost Sales

The strategic decision to invest in Kionas in the digital world stems from a clear objective: positioning Kionas as the foremost reference for Greek specialties in the large-scale retail landscape.

We aim to forge a genuine emotional connection with our audience, transforming brand awareness into authentic engagement that translates into repeat purchases. The strategy revolves around three fundamental pillars: enhancing brand perception, highlighting product quality, and, as a result, driving an increase in sales.

The Launch of the New Site: Putting Users at the Centre

The key to an effective website lies in a flawless user experience (UX) and intuitive design (UI). Every element of the site is designed to guide visitors through an engaging journey. From the colour scheme to the information architecture, every detail is fully considered to instil confidence and facilitate navigation. The ‘Recipes’ section and ‘Blog’ offer added value, engaging the visitor with relevant and inspiring content that generates interest and brand loyalty.

Graphic and Visual Strategy: The Elegance of Pastel Colours

In keeping with the essence of Kionas, the choice of pastel colours is not arbitrary – it is a stylistic choice. The website design will echo the soft and reassuring tones of the packaging, creating a harmonious visual experience for visitors. Beyond evoking the freshness and authenticity of the products, the pastel colours will convey a sense of lightness and joy, encouraging consumers to immerse themselves in the positive atmosphere of #KionasTime.

Specially shot photos for the Kionas launch campaign capture the essence of Kionas products. The presentation of the products, alongside their main ingredients, not only accentuates the authentic taste and quality of the raw materials, but also narrates the story behind each product.

Our Social Media Presence: An Emotional Connection with #KionasTime

In tune with the hustle and bustle of modern life, Kionas positions itself as the ultimate companion for those seeking moments of personal pleasure. Currently active on Instagram, this strategic choice is aimed at creating a direct connection with our target audience, inviting them to explore and embrace our world through the distinctive #KionasTime hashtag.

Our mission is to convey the concept that, even within the daily grind, it is essential to find time for oneself, and Kionas is the perfect companion for those little moments of personal pleasure.

Simple Recipes, Authentic Taste

Our strategy is rooted in the reality we all experience first-hand: a fast-paced lifestyle with limited time. However, this doesn’t mean compromising on good eating habits. Kionas provides quick and easy solutions adaptable to a dynamic lifestyle without sacrificing the taste and quality that sets us apart. We use social media to share quick and easy recipes with minimal ingredients, allowing everyone to effortlessly enjoy authentic flavours.

Engaging and Aware Content

The influencers and content creators selected for our campaign are not mere product promoters: they are storytellers of our philosophy. Through images, stories, and videos, we convey the idea that, even in a chaotic reality, there’s space to appreciate the present moment. Every post, story, and video is crafted to inspire and connect, fostering a community that embraces the #KionasTime lifestyle.

To sum up, our social strategy goes beyond traditional product promotion. It is about constructing a digital world that mirrors and supports our commitment to making Kionas not only a quality brand, but also a faithful companion in the daily lives of those who choose to savour their precious #KionasTime.