Canada: maple syrup stocks decline

Canada: calano le scorte di sciroppo d’acero

10 July 2024

Canada has a national reserve of maple syrup that can store up to 60 million kilograms of the sweet liquid, making the country the world’s leading producer. Currently, the reserve holds only 3.1 million kilograms, the lowest level in the past 16 years. The current shortage is linked to milder than usual spring temperatures, which limit the temperature fluctuations between night and daylight necessary to create the pressure for sap flow from sugar maples and black maples.

The sap is collected in early spring, from late February to late April. If the spring is particularly mild in Quebec (the main production region), the production season is shorter.

Since 2021, exports have increased, necessitating reliance on the national reserve, supported by the Canadian government to control prices and regulate production. This reliance has led to a 93% decrease in reserve barrels since 2020.

This year, a more abundant harvest is expected to replenish the reserve. Additionally, more licenses will be issued to tap maples for syrup production.