17 March 2022

On February 8, 2022, the Chamber of Deputies approved a constitutional reform for the protection of the environment.

Dario Lavagna, Atlante’s Plant Based Business Unit Manager, commented on this very important result.

«The Republic of Italy now has a green Constitution, with programs and measures that promote the values of environmental and animal protection. Polluting the environment in any form will also mean violating the Constitution.

The new constitutional framework significantly reinforces the principle of sustainability. We have finally understood that when we talk about ecology, we should not just consider the landscape. All projects and initiatives must also include animals, starting with the abolition of intensive farming practices that are polluting and destroying the planet.

Currently, the withdrawal of fresh water for agricultural and livestock use accounts for almost 50% of total water withdrawals. If we consider that producing a kilo of vegetables requires 350 litres of water, while a kilo of beef requires 1500 litres, it is clear that reducing meat consumption and choosing a sustainable diet is the only way forward.

Stating that Italy ‘protects the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems, also in the interest of future generations’ and that ‘the law of the State regulates the ways and forms of protection of animals’ in the Constitution is a sign of maturity and legal conscience»


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