18 January 2022

Atlante has a great experience in the plant-based world and through the years has developed a wide assortment of milk and meat alternatives in line with market trends and consumer needs.

In 2021, Nielsen data confirm the positive trend in the world of chilled meat alternatives in Italy: they reached € 125 million in value in the year ending November 2021, with a growth of + 29%. In this context, Atlante is growing at a higher rate than market average (+ 54%). In Italy, vegetarians and vegans make up about 8% of the population, while flexitarians account for 15% (for a total of 23% of the population).

On the occasion of Veganuary 2022 Vegamo expands its assortment with a new product: Spinach Daisies. These flower-shaped mini burgers are 100% vegan and have been developed for consumers who prefer plant-based products rich in vegetables. In line with the trend of alternative bases, their recipe is soy-free and they are enriched with pea protein. They represent a quick and easy meal solution, colorful and with all the taste of spinach!