Atlante develops new saffron products fror Migros

23 May 2024

As a strategic sourcing partner for Migros, Atlante specialises in sourcing products from Italy and various countries worldwide. They have played a key role in supporting the development of a diversified private label saffron line. Renowned for its rich history and cultural significance, saffron is revered as one of the culinary world’s treasures and a symbol of sophistication globally. According to Sina Rettberg, Key Account Manager at Atlante: “For years, we have been proud suppliers to the Swiss chain Migros, collaborating with top producers across Europe and beyond to offer innovative solutions and production facilities that consistently meet the highest quality standards.”

Red gold in the kitchen

Saffron, long hailed as a luxury, boasts a rich and storied tradition. Its origins can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Asia Minor, where it served dual roles as both a spice and a dye. Since then, its influence has traversed the globe, leaving its mark on the cuisines of diverse cultures. Cultivating saffron is an age-old art that demands meticulous care and an intimate understanding of its raw material. The flowers of the crocus sativus bloom for just a few weeks each year, with each blossom yielding only three minuscule saffron stigmas. Harvesting is a painstakingly manual process, requiring unwavering precision and meticulous attention to detail. Despite being one of the world’s most expensive ingredients, saffron remains one of the most cherished. Its vibrant hues, alluring aroma, and rich flavour profile render it indispensable in iconic dishes like Spanish paella, Italian risotto, and Indian biryani.

A controlled supply chain for a premium product

In developing saffron references for the Migros private label, Atlante has selected a unique, high-quality product that upholds tradition while embracing innovation, ensuring the preservation of saffron’s nutritional and sensory properties.

The entire supply chain undergoes rigorous monitoring, from the selection of raw materials to the processing and grinding of the stigmas, followed by drying and packaging. Every stage is executed in Italy according to stringent quality standards to deliver a product of exceptional calibre.

The new saffron products developed for Migros

Atlante has supported Migros in developing a diversified range of saffron references, from the everyday line to the premium and organic lines, to meet market demands in terms of taste and quality.

For the new launch, four products have been selected:

  • Two types of saffron from Iran, the first in powder form and the second in powder form with the addition of porcini mushrooms. These products will be marketed under the Migros brand
  • Two types of organic saffron from Greece, one in stigma form (PDO Kozanis product), which will be marketed under the M-selection line, and a second in powder form for the Migros BIO line.