Atlante Brand Napolitains: an immediate success

26 August 2021

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most loved and purchased products by consumers all over the world.

The uncertainty related to the pandemic crisis has given further impulse to the unstoppable growth trend shown by the sales of this product category, which is definitely one of those “comfort foods” that help to relieve tension in particularly stressful moments.

Indeed, a considerable growth of the global chocolate market is expected by 2025. Starting from the current value of 111,546 million dollars, it would allow to reach a total market value of 133,108 million dollars.

This positive trend has only consolidated the great success of Atlante Brand Napolitains chocolates. This product became extremely popular in a very short time and it was able to reach the shelves of 4 Japanese retailers: CostCoJapan, YamayaCorporation, CGC and AEON. Soon also FamilyMart will offer to its customers these delicious 100% made in Italy chocolates that are gaining consumers’ appreciation all over Japan, where the growth of the chocolate market is proceeding at an even faster pace than the global one. Between 2020 and 2025 it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5%, with a forecast of total sales of 5,939 million dollars.

“We started in Winter 2020 with 2 customers: Yamaya and CostCo, with the 100g retailer format and the CostCo maxi formats with the 1 kg pouch and the 500 g bag. Given the success of these channels, we were able to expand the range of customers by acquiring two of the main players in the traditional retail sector (AEON and CGC), which hold over 30% of market share within their channel”. – says Guido Lanzarini, Business Unit Manager. “In addition, the new entrant Family Mart represents the second largest customer in the Convenience Store channel following Seven/Eleven with 18,000 stores across the country.”

An irresistible cocoa aroma, a thin and delicate format and a unique and refined design make these chocolates excellent together with an espresso, for a coffee break that has the taste and elegance typical of made in Italy products. Their non-excessive sweetness makes them perfect for enhancing the aroma of coffee and very well-suited to the prevailing taste of Japanese consumers, who do not show a high appreciation for extremely sweet and sugary products.

Atlante Brand’s Napolitains are available in several different variants to meet the needs of all consumers. The dark and extra dark flavors are an excellent option for those who want a simpler and more classic chocolate, the limited-edition Ruby is perfect for those who want an extra touch of originality, while for the sweet tooth there is the milk chocolate flavor, which is currently the most purchased type.

The immediate success of this product is due to its characteristics and the high quality of its raw materials. It has been chosen by some of the main retailers in Japan to enrich their assortments and at Yamaya Corporation it is currently the product with the highest sales in the small format chocolates segment.