Atlante launches Shufersal Tarallini in Israel: a teamwork with excellent results

2 September 2021

Israel: a complex market

Israel is a sophisticated country, with an ancient culture but a modern perspective.
With a population of around 8.5 million people, a GDP of approximately 400 billion with a pre-pandemic growth rate of 3% and a per capita GDP of over € 40,000 per person, it certainly represents an interesting market with a great potential.

A key element of the Israeli context is the very high percentage of Jewish citizens, an aspect not to be underestimated for those wishing to enter this fascinating market in a profitable way.

Shufersal is the largest Grocery Chain in Israel. It was founded in the 1950s and now it has over 370 stores and a turnover of around 13 billion dollars. After noticing the excellent results in the sales of tarallini, the Company started a project to include this item in the range of products under its own label.

Thus, in October 2020, Atlante’s adventure in the Israeli market and its collaboration with this well-established Client began.

The challenges for Atlante

“The challenges to get the business were essentially two: first of all, given that the client knew the product, it was necessary to find a producer that could be better than the ones they already had in their assortment; Secondly, once the correct proposal was found, it had to be adapted to the client’s standards, with a product that complied with Kosher rules.
It was a wonderful teamwork that in two months only, from October 2020 to the end of December 2020, allowed us to get the business!” – says Antonio Pugliese, Purchasing Manager Italian Food at Atlante.

The selection of the best proposal

Thus, Atlante started an intense selection process to find the producer that best suited the Client’s needs.
Each producer involved was asked to present two levels of dough, one premium and one mainstream.
After an accurate evaluation of each technical sheet, several panel tests and all the costing operations, Atlante selected two proposals, one for each level of dough.

Among the two options, the Client selected the Premium one, with a short recipe and a percentage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The vast range of flavors offered certainly represented an additional plus, allowing the client to stand out from competitors and add value to its brand with a wide selection of variants: fennel seeds, onion, chili pepper and traditional. By next year, Shufersal, together with Atlante, plans to add the rosemary flavor to its assortment.

Meeting Kosher standards

At this stage, Atlante had to face the second major challenge of this adventure.

Kosher was a condicio sine qua non and our quality department carried this out brilliantly, Atlante’s Food Technologist Manager Gaetano Mattiuzzo handled the matter personally.
Before the actual certification process, there was a deep study phase, to understand if the product could get kosher certification.”

Once the feasibility of the ambitious project was verified, Atlante entered into a long-term partnership with the company that will proceed to align with Kosher standards all products destined to Shufersal.

“As Atlante, we are proud of the excellent service provided, since we have personally accompanied the Rabbi in all visits, supervised all the steps to obtain the certification and we will also oversee all future productions.” With these words, Antonio Pugliese concludes the description of the intense and satisfying teamwork that led Atlante to reach an excellent result in the Israeli market.

Shufersal Tarallini

 This fantastic teamwork between Atlante and Shufersal resulted in the creation of a great product, the Tarallini under Shufersal’s own label. This marks another important success in the export area that rewards Atlante’s commitment to the will of exporting the high quality of Made in Italy in the rest of the world.

A clean recipe perfect for a genuine diet and a flavor that recalls the one of homemade taralli are the elements that allowed this product to stand out from competitors and get the appreciation of consumers in a very complex market. These crispy and tasty Tarallini can be found on the shelves of Shufersal in four delicious variants: onion, fennel, hot pepper and classic.