Atlante launches the Anvedi! gourmet pinsa on the swiss market

Pinsa Anvedi Nuovo prodotti in Svizzera

23 April 2024

Pinsa Romana, tradition returns to the table

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the Pinsa Romana, with its typical elongated shape and incredible lightness, is experiencing a culinary renaissance.


Pinsa Romana has its origins in ancient Rome. In fact, the name ‘Pinsa’comes from the Latin verb ‘pinsère’, which means ‘to stretch’, because of the wayfarmers used to roll out the dough before baking.

Pinsa was mainly eaten by peasants, who usedunrefinedgrains and flours that could not have made it to the market to make delicious focaccia doughs.

The return of tradition

Over time, the Pinsa Romana was forgotten and replaced by richer, more complex preparations. However, in recent years, restaurants and pizzerias have brought the ancient recipe back to life, offering it as a lighter alternative to pizza and enriching it with various delicious topping combinations.

Compared to the original version, today’s Pinsa is made with different types of doughs and flours, such as wheat, rice, Kamut, and many other variants that make for a light base, perfect for delicious toppings of vegetables, deli meats, and cheeses.

The success of Pinsa has reached such a level that, in recent years, many companies have started to offer pre-cooked versions for large-scale distribution, and we can now find fresh, ambient, and even frozen versions on supermarket shelves.

Choosing the tastiest topping combinations

There are no particular rules for Pinsa toppings – everyone is free to choose their favourite ingredients, whether they prefer more traditional flavours, or like to let their imagination run wild with original combinations.

Our cuisine is full of good, wholesome ingredients that can be used to transform a simple focaccia seasoned with oil and salt into an explosion of flavour. The combinations are endless and can satisfy the needs of all types of consumers. Mortadella and pistachios, for instance, make for a flavour-packed meal, while grilled vegetables or vegan sausage and potatoes are excellent vegetarian and veganoptions.

Anvedi! Gourmet Pinsa

Atlante is always at the forefront of new trends and has created and launched the Anvedi! gourmet Pinsabrand, which is now available in the Swiss chain MIGROS.

“The ‘Anvedi!’ Pinsa project was born with the aim of enriching the Italian food offer abroad,” states Sina Rettberg, Key Account Manager. “Our ‘Anvedi!’ product was initially launched at Migros in June 2023 for a summer in/out. The item was immediately appreciated by Swiss shoppers and exceeded the initial sales forecast in just a few weeks: in objective terms, sales figures showed numbers four times higher than our initial expectations. This positive trend was not limited to the summer period. It continued into the latter part of 2023and led the Migros team to changing the status of the item from a summer promotional release to a permanent item on Migros shelves.”

Anvedi! Pinsa is made using only the best ingredients, such as natural sourdough and extra virgin olive oil. It is rolled out by hand and baked directly on stone, making it delicious and ready to conquer all palates. The package contains a practical baking tray, so you can heat it directly and top it to your liking.

Building on its triumph in the Swiss market, a wholemeal Pinsa version will also be available this summer! The Pinsa Romana is currently enjoying a wave of popularity, captivating both restaurant-goers and supermarket shoppers. Its rich tradition, coupled with its exquisite flavour and lightness, make it a well-loved product whose uniqueness elevates the bread category to new heights.

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