Authentic Swiss taste lands in Italy with the exclusive launch of Frey’s Poem gift box

L'autentico gusto svizzero è arrivato in Italia: il lancio esclusivo della gift box Poem di Frey

15 December 2023

Atlante is delighted to announce the exclusive arrival of the Gift Box Poem, a refined selection of Frey-branded Swiss chocolate pralines available only at Esselunga.

Frey, a prestigious historic Swiss chocolate brand

“We are thrilled to introduce the first Frey Authentic Swiss Chocolate in Italy,” states Paola Diani, chocolate category manager at Atlante. “This exceptional product, crafted in Switzerland by Delica AG adhering to high quality standards and using the finest ingredients, will captivate the refined palates of Esselunga customers.”

The Frey brand encapsulates the rich tradition of authentic Swiss chocolate. Established in 1887 in Aarau, Switzerland, by brothers Robert and Max Frey, Delica is currently the leading Swiss chocolate company, exporting its products worldwide. The company is committed to numerous sustainability initiatives and has acquired various certifications. Since 2011, Delica exclusively sourced UTZ-certified cocoa, which guarantees production practices that respect both workers and the environment. The very high quality of the cacao and raw materials make Frey’s wide range of products unique.

A refined box for a unique gift

The Gift Box Poem, crafted with passion and commitment in every detail, is designed to deliver a unique sensory experience. We have selected Frey’s best-loved pralines, arranging them artistically in accordance with the product’s poetic name. More than merely a container for these delectable treats, the gift box stands as an elegant display of high-quality Swiss chocolate.

The packaging design is a combination of elegance and sophistication, making the Poem Gift Box the perfect gift for any special occasion. The attention to detail, from the selection of the pralines to the thoughtful packaging, makes it a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.

This product extends a unique opportunity for chocolate lovers to indulge in the pleasure of authentic Swiss taste.