Atlante is Now Bologna FC’s Official Supplier

Bologna-BFC-partner, Atlante partner del BolognaFC

1 September 2023

Atlante is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Bologna FC for the 2023-2024 season.

“We are thrilled to support a team that is so loved by our city and deeply connected to the area where Atlante was born almost 30 years ago,” says Natasha Linhart, Atlante CEO.

Sport is part of Atlante’s DNA. We believe that nutrition and exercise are a key combination for a healthy lifestyle, and we are committed to launching products that allow people to create and maintain a simple, tasty, and balanced diet. Our Research & Development department has always been focused on developing balanced products with good nutritional values. In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves to our high protein GFF – Go For Fit product line, designed for sporty consumers who seek a balanced lifestyle.”

Our passion for sport and health,” concludes Natasha Linhart, “is also reflected in our corporate culture: we have always taken special care to promote exercise among employees and often organize team building events. We are confident that sharing the values of team spirit, innovation, and integration will be the basis for a successful collaboration.”


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