Our Vision

Atlante’s Vision is to be a Company where Colleagues love work for and business partners choose to work with, building win-win relationships based on trust and respect.


About us

Our Mission is to be a strategic, reliable, and competitive global sourcing partner for food and non-food products developing tailor-made solutions from start to finish, nurturing an environment that is diverse and inclusive supporting our colleagues to grow to be the best they can be.

Atlante is a company with recognized commercial and financial reliability, certified year after year by the leading credit rating companies and awarded the CRIBIS Prime Company certificate, a recognition of commercial reliability towards suppliers.
We are a dynamic and international team of professionals who deeply believe in excellence and in doing things right, and in creating value by working ethically and reliably. We put people at the centre of what we do.
Our headquarters are located in Bologna, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, but we operate all over the world through a network of selected producers and our international staff.


“Passion and flexibility:
our recipe for excellence in everything we do.”

Natasha Linhart
founder e CEO di Atlante

Our story


The beginning of the journey

The story of Atlante is a journey around the world of food distribution, guided by the passion for excellence and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders Natasha Linhart and Federico Nanni. In the early years, this exploration focused on the European food scene, in search of specialties capable of satisfying the quality and price requirements of the Italian market. Soya drinks, plant-based alternatives to meat, and beers were the first products in our portfolio.

Establishing ourselves as reliable partners

Placing professional ethics at the centre of the company’s values has enabled Atlante to earn the respect of manufacturers and the trust of large-scale retail customers, with a reputation built on solid foundations. This reputation has helped us to quickly become a reliable partner for some of the major Italian and foreign chains.

Exporting to
European markets

While Atlante initially focused on importing foreign products into the Italian market, we soon moved into a new business area: working with some of the world’s retail giants to bring the best Made in Italy products to the tables of foreign consumers. Making the extraordinary variety and quality of the Italian food tradition known across the whole world has now become a vocation as our journey continues.

In Switzerland
with Migros

In 2011 Atlante entered a cooperation agreement with the Swiss giant Migros, with the aim of building a strategic alliance to market Swiss products in the Italian market and the export of Italian products to Switzerland. Migros took a 20% stake in the company’s capital.

In the United Kingdom with Sainsbury's

In 2014 Atlante became a strategic partner of the British distribution chain Sainsbury’s, operating as a purchasing and quality control office in Italy for Italian food products destined for the British market.
This partnership has allowed Atlante to grow progressively in the export world. The solid collaboration created between the two companies has made it possible to take part in prestigious national and international projects, thus creating the groundwork for continued future growth.

Expanding to
new continents
around the world

At the beginning of 2019 Atlante entered a new chapter of its journey and embarked on a growth path in markets outside the EU. In the U.S., we have partnered with Kroger as a solution provider for the research and development of products in tune with current market trends and customer expectations; then in India with Fruitsy, expanding Atlante’s food business into the fruit and vegetable sector; and finally in Japan with CostCo where we launched our namesake Atlante brand.

Atlante today

Atlante continues to add new pages to its story, and it continues to grow as a domestic and international group based in Bologna – where the passion for quality food is a way of life.
Today, however, Atlante is not just food. Passion and innovation are driving it to expand into new business horizons, extending its reach from the world of food to embrace textiles as part of its search for authentic products from across the globe.

Looking ahead
to the future

Since its start in the 1990s, the company has never stopped growing. Our future is full of still more opportunities thanks to the strength of a professional staff with proven skills developed over the years. Atlante is able to stay ahead of the curve with constant and continuous innovation because of its ability to select the right business partners, deep knowledge of the market, meticulous attention to quality control, logistical efficiency, marketing strength, and research and development. “The future does not scare us, it stimulates us!”



Integrity, Passion, Quality,Innovation, Sustainability and Diversity, ability to think outside the box, correct cost management, speed and adaptability. These are the values and characteristics that have enabled us to win and maintain the trust of the many stakeholders who see us as the ideal partner to create national and international food and textile products.

How we work

We don’t have a “one size fits all” business model: our solutions are inspired by each customer’s goals and habits. That’s why even if our core business is private label, which makes up 70% of our turnover, we also work with tertiary brands (18%) and international brands (12%). Thanks to our experience in the Italian and foreign food retail sector, we provide a complete Project Management service. Our in-depth knowledge of markets and products allows us to handle an item’s every detail, from the idea to choosing the most suitable production site, from creation to distribution. We are also able to support you in the market launch with in-store communication or through digital marketing strategies.
This complete Project Management service allows us to be the ideal partner for the development of successful turnkey products!

International standards