Atlante launches Kroger-branded pea puffs: a combination of excellence and innovation


24 November 2021

Kroger’s shelves, one of the best-known supermarket chains in the United States, have been enriched with an innovative product, which has immediately become a great success among consumers: Kroger Pea Puffs, tasty but also healthy and vegan snacks with truly surprising nutritional values. A valid alternative to the classic appetizer chips or snacks for the afternoon break.

Research and development as key to success

This launch is the result of a process that has lasted more than a year, a period during which Atlante has worked hard to develop a product of excellence in terms of both nutritional value and taste.

The key to this great success has undoubtedly been the commitment demonstrated in carrying out research and development activities, aimed not at simply achieving but rather exceeding the quality standards imposed by products already on the market.

In fact, although the new proposal was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by the Kroger team, especially for its characteristic crispy and airy texture, it took months of study and analysis to achieve the excellent final result that Kroger customers can now find in stores.

A first fundamental step for R&D activities was the development of “flavors“, which had to be in line with American consumers taste profile. This was a delicate and complex phase of the project that required an in-depth study of the market and the prevailing tastes, very different from the Italian ones.

Then, the activities were focused on the organoleptic profile of the product, which had to be better than the one of the reference brands on the shelf, so as to be aligned with the quality standards required by the customer for the products it offers with its own brand.  For this, an in-depth research was carried out to achieve the desired nutritional values for fiber and protein.

“We are particularly proud of the work done by the R&D team for this product. It has not been an easy path, but we managed to achieve the desired result and to offer U.S. consumers a product that is 100% vegan, certified Kosher and organic and therefore absolutely in line with all the health trends of the moment.  We overcame the difficulties of working only with natural, organic and vegan flavors, especially for the development of the cheese version! It was an extraordinary challenge and a great success for Atlante” with these words Guido Lanzarini, Business Unit Manager at Atlante, describes the path that led to the successful launch of this new product on the US market.

Kroger Pea Puffs

These tasty snacks made with pea flour are perfect to be served together with an aperitif or at a party. Tasty, healthy and irresistible, they are ideal for every dietary need and, precisely for this reason, they have been selected for the “Natural Event” promotion, which involves some products of the SIMPLE TRUTH line, with the aim of encouraging consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle based on wellness and natural ingredients. To complete this great success, thanks to their high level of innovation, Pea Puffs have been chosen by the Client as one of the most innovative Kroger products among the ones launched in 2021.

The innovative nature of Pea Puffs is also evident in the extensive research that resulted in minimizing the plastic in the pack, which in fact contains 66% less plastic than a traditional snack bag. The commitment to this aspect of the product shows Atlante’s awareness and constant attention to issues concerning the environment and sustainability.

Kroger Pea Puffs are available in two delicious variants, both in a practical 113g format: BBQ and Cheezy. Two delicious flavors that do not compromise the genuine natuer of this product in which taste, wellness and innovation come together to create a real excellence that marks another great success for Atlante in the U.S. market.