Atlante launches Saboria Mexican sauces in Japan


15 January 2024

Saboria is the new Atlante brand for Mexican sauces. It brings all the energy of Mexico to the table through the rich, bold taste of its products.

The Saboria brand was born out of the need to bring typical Mexican sauces to the Japanese market. The brightly coloured packaging is the perfect mix of Japanese pop culture and playful Mexican culture.

Salse Saboria Messicane in Giappone AtlanteSaboria offers two flavour variants: a Hot Sauce, which combines selected tomatoes and chillies with typical Mexican spices, and a milder Spicy Mild Sauce, characterised by the sweet and sour taste of onions and the slight spiciness of chilli.

Atlante increasingly strong in exports
This launch embodies the remarkable success of Atlante products in Japan, with the Mexican Saboria sauces joining our Vitto range of three sauces (tomato and basil, pesto, and arrabbiata), which has now been on the shelves for two years. Vitto and Saboria products are available exclusively in Ok supermarkets in Japan, which has now become a successful Atlante partner.

As Guido Lanzarini, Atlante’s Business Unit Director, states, “Saboria sauces, like Vitto sauces, were created by listening to the feedback and wishes of our customers. Product customisation, from recipe to packaging, is the winning element for successful products.”

That is why, with Saboria, Atlante offered customers a varied range of sauces with different degrees of spiciness, from which the recipes now on the shelf were selected.

New customised landing page!



Saboria is launching a dedicated landing page to inspire Japanese consumers to get to know the brand and its products, giving them ideas for new recipes to make at home.

The site is entirely in Japanese and is split into three sections (Brand, Products, and Recipes) in which Saboria tells its story, presents its selection of sauces, and suggests tasty dishes that blend two culinary cultures so rich in flavours and history.

In a short time, Atlante created a customised solution requested by the client to introduce Saboria products to the Japanese market. The custom landing page uses colours, images, and content to communicate the brand’s values and identity directly and transparently to its target audience.