Atlante offers a wide and complete range of these crisps and savoury snacks suitable for all tastes, ages and occasions. Our snack assortment is completed by sweet temptations such as biscuits and desserts, ranging from typically Italian tiramisu to single-portion cheesecake, to Icelandic Skyr.

Savoury snacks

For a cheerful aperitif or a tasty break, Atlante offers a wide range of savoury snacks that will win you over from the first bite.
The selection includes many options: sticks and mini pretzels enriched with salt gems, tasty bacon snacks and mouth-watering potato sticks, as well as gluten-free options and kids snacks. Our crisps assortment includes delicious kettle chips, prepared using the traditional method in a kettle pan; and convenient tube chips, available in a variety of flavours. The range is completed by our savoury vegetable snacks, for people who love to follow a balanced diet, without giving up a little temptation.
Available as a private label, as well as sold under the fancy brand Lekers.

Sweet snacks

For small moments of enjoyment, Atlante proposes a range of sweet snacks made by the exclusive Swiss chocolate maker Frey and the famous German confectionery company Lambertz.
Frey’s assortment includes irresistible pralines, chocolates and bars in practical and modern packaging. Lambertz’s offer includes delicious biscuits and crunchy snacks in elegant packaging such as the classic tin box. This wide selection of sweets is ideal for enjoying a delicious self-indulgence, or to share with loved ones.

Skyr and Desserts

A complete assortment for every break during the day: skyr, for a protein-rich snack; and desserts, for a sweet embrace.
From Iceland, Skyr is a soft cheese that is consumed like a yoghurt, with a more intense flavour. It has a high protein content, low sugar and low fat: these characteristics make it ideal to meet the growing market demand for protein-rich products.
Our delicate single-portion desserts include creams and mousses, an assortment of traditional desserts such as tiramisu and profiteroles, also available in family-format, and trendy proposals such as cheesecake. Available as a private label or under the MyDelisse brand.

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