The new coconut water Jungle Vibes: 100% organic freshness

4 June 2020

Immagino Observatory data highlights how coconut water is listed among consumers’ favourite healthy beverages. Coconut water has a pleasant and refreshing taste and can be considered naturally isotonic thanks to its composition low in calories and rich in five fundamental electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. Appreciated also as an ingredient, there has been an increase of 91.7% in the sales of products containing it and it is seen as an ideal drink for those who follow a balanced diet or seek regeneration after sport.

Following the current trend and building on our experience with the distribution of King Island coconut water brand in Italy, successfully launched in 2017, we decided to lay the foundations for a bridge to the future, offering to the market a new innovative and fancy product: Jungle Vibes, 100% pure organic coconut water. The aim is offering the consumers an attractive product that takes into consideration the growing attention of Italians for organic products and their ongoing search for a healthy and environmentally sustainable diet. Jungle Vibes has been certified as organic by a recognised institution, Bioagricert, which guarantees its healthiness and quality.

100% pure, preservative-free and gluten-free, Jungle Vibes organic coconut water is extracted in Sri Lanka directly from the core of green coconuts, famous for their special sweetness and proceeding from organic agriculture, GMO-free. Atlante’s quality team ensures the control of the production chain, which has been examined by our technicians, and supervises all the steps, from collection and transportation to packaging, which takes place in Italy.

The dedication of Atlante in the creation of this product can be seen in the care given to packaging: a recyclable carton made of Tetrapack, with a fresh and modern design that recalls a tropical jungle with colourful parrots among large green leaves. The handy 500 ml format makes Jungle Vibes coconut water easy to carry, ideal to always have a moment for a regenerating break. It is suitable for physical exercise, but it is also perfect for a healthy and balanced diet and to create light and tasty recipes, such as smoothies.

Jungle Vibes is supported by a digital media strategy that includes a dedicated website, Facebook and Instagram page.