An innovative supply chain is key to a sustainable future

20 May 2021

Besides being a key factor for Atlante, supply chain management is a significant contributor to our success. Thanks to the work of more than 20 people specialised in strategic, planning and executive activities, we develop custom projects and solutions that keep into account complex physical, IT and information flows managed in a harmonious and synchronized way.

As our Chief of Supply Chain, Logistics & IT Officer Marco Zanolli stated: “The experiences, skills and relationships acquired in key and distinctive fields, in Italy and abroad, combined with the specialisations and economies of scale achieved and strengthened over time, allowed us to count on a significant added value to share with our partners and our supply chain of reference”.

We are an enthusiastic and motivated team that guarantees the integrity and quality of the products from their origin to their delivery across the whole value chain, according to established time frames and methods.

In particular, we participate in all corporate projects to align demand forecasts with purchase, production and delivery plans and to pursue effectiveness, efficiency, waste reduction and environmental impact goals.

Thanks to the know-how acquired in the management of food & beverage products (ambient, controlled temperature, fresh and frozen) and our access to a network highly specialized in road, rail, maritime and intermodal routes whether for import, export or cross-countries, we can provide an excellent service at a competitive price.

We coordinate more than 160 production sites, 1.500 products, 127 customers, 12 logistic platforms worldwide and we can deal with all the formalities and support activities, including handling of regulations, documentation, inspections, quality control, insurance and customs, also providing tracking & tracing systems for monitoring shared KPIs.

As the food industry has a fundamental role in raising awareness and educating consumers about sustainable lifestyles, we, too, started a project in 2020 to focus increasingly on the concept of environmental, social and economic sustainability, called “Let’s not follow the dinosaurs”.

The way food is grown, purchased, packaged, transported and delivered has a major impact on its current and future availability and so have the consequences of our decisions and actions.

Our commitment is based on 7 pillars:

  • To reduce CO2 emissions
  • To reduce water usage
  • To promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
  • To reduce plastic use
  • To reduce food waste
  • To increase recycling
  • To support biodiversity

Marco Zanolli confirms that the Supply Chain Management, Logistics & IT area has been extremely involved and proactive in the collaboration with our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and partners.

“We have immediately taken action to achieve goals of reducing CO2 emissions, reducing plastic usage, reducing food waste and increasing recycling.

In particular, we have launched a number of initiatives on demand planning, on how to define stock levels, on primary and secondary packaging and are committed daily to optimize pick-ups, loads and routes, to take into account green methods of transport such as rail, maritime and intermodal transport (road – rail and road – sea), to reduce the number of transports, shipments and deliveries by combining also goods that require different temperature and to promote fleets that use alternative and eco-friendly fuels for last mile distribution.

We have already achieved great results on flows from and to Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland thanks also to our close collaboration with our prestigious partners, among which we are proud to mention Sainsbury’s and Migros”.