Atlante brings “Little Italy”to Migros stores in Switzerland, the new corner dedicated to the best Made in Italy food products

8 October 2019

  • The project, designed in partnership with the Swiss chain Migros, combines the quality and variety of Italian gastronomic excellence
  • 45 products, for 12 producers of Italian gastronomic excellence
  • Little Italy is already available in 87 points of sale throughout Switzerland

Atlante, a company operating as strategic partner for major large-scale retailers in Italy and abroad, has launched the “Little Italy” project in partnership with Migros – one of the main Swiss supermarket chains – in order to create, inside the points of sale of this corporation, a corner devoted solely to Italian food excellence.

The project, created and designed with Migros, involves filling one section exclusively with gastronomic products made in Italy exported by Atlante and it will be introduced, for the launch phase, in 87 Migros points of sale throughout Switzerland, with the goal of extending it to other stores as well.
The partnership between Atlante e Migros started in 2011, based on partnership agreement which has paved the way for consolidating a strategic alliance for the marketing of Swiss products on the Italian market and the export of Italian products to Switzerland. It is a partnership in continuous progress, where the Little Italy project marks the beginning of a new phase, with Atlante in charge of selecting Italian producers with a view to enhancing the quality and regional tradition of their most typical products, making sure that they meet the standards required by its Swiss partner from an quality and logistics perspective.

In the Little Italy section, Swiss consumers will find a wide selection, including 45 products divided between 12 producers, representing gastronomic specialties from the north, centre and south of Italy.
Starting from the 1st of September, the new corner in the store will include extra-virgin olive oil from Puglia and Umbria, balsamic vinegar from Modena, several types of hand-made egg pasta with truffles or squid ink from the Marche region, or Kamut from Lombardy. Other typical Italian products are rice from Piedmont, available several ready formats, including those with asparagus or truffle, and polenta with pore mushrooms. Another category is that of sauces, where a selection of pesto, for example the novel hemp version and tomato preserves feature prominently, combined with several ingredients; as regards starters you can choose between Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle cream, sauces for bruschetta toasted bread, dried tomatoes or hot peppers in oil from Calabria.

Each product on the Little Italy shelves has been selected by Atlante because of the artisan and genuine production quality, as well as of it modern packaging, with an innovative design which best represents the typical features of Made in Italy increasingly appreciated abroad.

Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante, commentated: “We are really enthusiastic about the launch of this new project, on which we have been working with Migros since 2018. Little Italy is the best expression of the nature of our partnerships; Atlante is actually in a position to offer win-win solutions for Italian producers and partners, thanks to our deep-rooted knowledge of the amazing wining and dining offer in Italy, which has been developed over the past 20 years, and which we combine with the requirements of our foreign large-scale retail partners. Showing the quality and variety of Made in Italy products abroad is a goal which we constantly set ourselves; this is why we intend to export the Little Italy format also to other markets”.