“We believe it is our company’s responsibility to ensure that good employment practices and respect for human rights are implemented throughout our product and service supply chains.”

Our Corporate Policy for Ethical Employment fully complies with all the requirements for good work practices contained in the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

We require all of our suppliers, contractors and all those who are directly and indirectly involved in our business to comply with our Corporate Ethical Employment Policy.

The policy clearly states the measures we reserve the right to take to verify that suppliers, contractors and any other parties involved in our business activities and supply chains operate in full compliance with applicable labour, occupational safety and human rights regulations and with our Ethics Policy.

Suppliers, contractors and all parties directly or indirectly affected by our activities must be guided by increasingly high standards of work and safety, demonstrating an aptitude for excellence not only in good manufacturing practices, but also in the careful management of our human resources, to whom we depend on for successes.

If we find or become aware of violations and/or non-compliance with our ethical policy, or even just practices that could jeopardize compliance, suppliers will be required to stop such practices and remedy such situations as soon as possible and, in any case, within the time agreed with us.

We are always available to offer technical support and know-how to suppliers and/or contractors and/or other parties involved in our business, where such critical issues have been identified, but we also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the supplies and/or services received by them.

Any abuses in the field of work, safety at work and/or human rights that may have occurred and/or become known within our supply chains can be notified to: csr@atlantesrl.it.