TEXTILE A broad range of textile products, from sheets to bedcovers, towels and bathmats, to kitchen fabrics and tablecloth. FRESH PRODUCE High-quality fresh fruit and vegetables like premium-grade apples from the Alpine foothills, plums and kiwi fruits. SNACK Sweet and savoury snacks to be enjoyed at any time of day: from trendy crisps to a selection of biscuits to mouth-watering desserts. BEERS AND BEVERAGES A wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: beers, energy drinks, coconut water and aloe vera drinks. CHOCOLATE A complete assortment including premium Swiss chocolate, special chocolate such as high-protein and sugar-free, and seasonal products. KITCHEN BASICS Products and ingredients no kitchen should be without: flour, milk, cheeses, eggs and fresh pastry and puff pastry. A range of ready meals also available. HEALTHY EATING For anyone looking for alternatives to meat and dairy products, a complete range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free products to meet everyone’s health and lifestyle requirements. ASIA A wide selection of uniquely delicious specialities from Asia: basmati rice, soya sauce and ready meals such as noodles. GREEK SPECIALITIES A complete range of authentically Greek products, from traditional strained yogurt to feta, tzatziki, hummus and the exciting Greek frozen yogurt. ITALIAN SPECIALITIES A wide range of traditional Italian food, from pantry staples such as pasta and tomato sauce to renowned products with PDO and PGI certifications. .
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