Our Pavlakis brand is dedicated to Greek specialties, promising authentic flavour from traditional recipes: a range of authentic Greek yoghurt, feta cheese and typical sauces such as hummus and tzatziki. In 2020 Atlante launched as absolute novelty on the Italian market Greek yogurt ice cream: a delicious product that encloses the balance of yogurt and the creaminess of ice cream. All products are made in Greece with milk from local farms, respecting high quality standards, to bring all the best of Greek cuisine right to your table. Because of its popularity, we created a Pavlakis website, a Facebook page and an Instagram page where you can read more about the products, get news updates, learn about different recipes and share your passion for authentic Greek taste.

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The Benesse brand is devoted to plant-based drinks and yoghurt: the fresh and delicate logo design evokes naturalness and genuineness of products made from high quality raw materials, without any animal by-products. The drinks packaging, elegant and outstanding, is declined in a wide flavour selection and in the “sugar free” and “no added sugar” versions, for a complete assortment in line with market trends.

The packaging of yoghurt alternatives highlights the products’ creaminess, available both in the natural soya version and with flavours like strawberry and pineapple, with the chance to expand the line to keep on top of trends and consumer preferences. Carefully researched in terms of products and design, the Benesse brand stands for a light, plant-based sense of well-being.


The Soyanat line contains a modern assortment offering all the taste and lightness of soya, including milk alternatives and soy yoghurt. To meet the needs of the most demanding customers, the products are available in a sugar-free version as well and we supply plant-based drinks in an innovative 500ml format, in line with the trend of waste reduction.

Among Atlante’s first plant-based-specific brand, the Soyanat product line is suitable for a healthy and complete breakfast or a light, tasty break, enveloped in an attractive, appealing package.

A brand designed to bring the heart of the plant-based kingdom to your table.


The Lattenat brand expresses all the goodness of fresh and creamy milk, enclosed in a sunny line of bright and cheerful colours. The Lattenat brand was created to share our enthusiasm for the genuine taste of high-quality products and this complete assortment is dedicated to lovers of milk in all its forms, whether it’s cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or the easy-to-digest variety.

This brand is designed to be enjoyed by young and old, for a breakfast or a snack full of calcium, with a side dish of laughter and joy.


The MonChef brand offers a quick, easy solution for making fragrant and tasty recipes with a minimum of fuss: an assortment of kitchen helpers that includes, for example, puff pastry, brisée crust, pizza bases and focaccia, all ready to roll out, made with genuine and high-quality ingredients. Ideal for both sweet and savory recipes, all the products in the line are super versatile: MonChef is the home cook’s assistant that relieves busy people from the fatigue of preparing meals, leaving them only the pleasure of unleashing their imagination to create delicious dishes, without the hassle.


Arom’è is a product line featuring intense aromas and flavours, developed originally for sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise. Today, Arom’è includes in its assortment exotic products such as traditional soy sauce and noodles. Among the latest innovations there are the BBQ sauces, a line of four references developed to give an extra touch of taste and color to dishes.

The name comes from a play on words in Italian with the word “aroma,” or seasoning, and brand is a guarantee of appetizing scents, tastes and flavours for products that bring fun and joy to the table. A brand for flavour-packed products, practical and easy to enjoy, tailored for a playful public curious to try unique taste sensations.


Atlante has developed the Naoki brand to respond to the trend for ethnic foods that can be consumed comfortably at home: a brand with an all-Eastern flavor, designed for authentic exotic products. The line debuted with soy sauce, made according to the traditional recipe to bring all the original flavor right to consumers’ tables. The packaging is designed to resemble oriental lettering, making the product stand out on the shelf as unique and authentic. Naoki is a promise of original oriental tradition.

In 2023, these references will be joined by one of the market innovations that is experiencing the most success in this category: the Pokè sauce. Naoki brand Pokè sauce is characterized by a modern, unique and colorful packaging that immediately attracts the attention of consumers. It’s delicious and ideal to accompany the colorful Poke Bowls


Atlante’s Lekers brand specializes in savory snacks: delicious and fun, like the products it represents. This youthful brand is designed to let consumers enjoy a wide range of crunchy snacks and tasty chips right at home: a break with friends, a friendly cocktail or a quick pause from work.

The Lekers brand offers specific packaging options for each product, such as chips that are available both in a tube or in a bag. Synonymous with taste and crispness, the Lekers brand is all about the flavour of deliciously irresistible high-quality products.


Very fresh, very light… very aloe vera! Aloissima is Atlante’s aloe vera drink brand: a line of products with a high percentage of aloe vera pulp, available in different flavors. This preservative-free brand, with its cheerful and playful name, captures all the natural and refreshing taste of these drinks, ideal to re-charge after a workout or playing your favorite sport. The practical packaging, modern and attractive, is easy to carry so you always have a sip of freshness at hand. Created for consumers who want a drink with an exotic taste.


Dynamic and raw: the Blitz brand is dedicated to caffeine-based energy drinks, available in both sugared and sugar-free versions. The line is designed to attract young consumers looking for sophisticated products suitable for their hectic lifestyle. The modern and enticing packaging reflects the energy they store inside, promising a jolt that won’t let you down: Blitz energy drinks are perfect both to recover from physical exertion and to increase concentration at any time of the day.


The Novak brand embodies all the authenticity of traditional beers produced in the Czech Republic. Our Novak beer is made following time-tested Czech production procedures to give this Pils beer a full body and a typical malty aroma, harmonized with a delicate bitterness. Made at a long-standing production site in the Czech Republic, the Novak brand is synonymous with excellent quality.


The Willianbrau brand was created to offer a versatile beer, perfect for drinking before dinner with a group of friends, or for a fun relaxing evening. The brand stands out for its wide selection of beers and formats: in addition to traditional beer in practical PET bottles and classic cans of different sizes, the Willianbrau brand offers non-alcoholic beer and super strong beer. The excellent value for money makes the Willianbrau brand the ideal solution to complete the shelf assortment with a fresh, tasty and affordable beer.


The Viktor brand is dedicated to a delicate, malty-tasting, slightly sparkling beer. Produced in Slovenia, Viktor is a light beer suitable for cheerful drinking. The Viktor brand offers a variety of formats: be they cans, glass bottles or plastic bottles, they all have a characteristic bright green packaging with the product’s name in red lettering. Thanks to its competitive price, Viktor beer is the perfect answer to offer the consumer a valid and tasty alternative on the shelf.

Alp d’Or

All the irresistible deliciousness of Swiss chocolate in a variety of flavors and formats: the Alp d’Or brand is the promise of unmistakable pleasure. The name of the brand is a nod to the Swiss Alps where our chocolate is produced using high quality ingredients: fresh milk from grazing cows and carefully selected UTZ-certified cocoa. With Alp d’Or, we select the best of Swiss chocolate for our customers, in a range of products that offer small bites of happiness.

Le Petit Chocolatier

The brand Le Petit Chocolatier represents the poetry of Swiss chocolate: the image of the little chocolate maker intent on creating irresistible chocolate bars seems to be taken from a children’s illustrated storybook. These chocolate bars are made following traditional recipes with top quality ingredients. Le Petit Chocolatier is a journey of sweet escapism: every little square of our chocolate bars gives the consumer a tasty and fragrant break from reality. The pocket-size 100g package means you can carry them around where ever you go, in all their different flavors, to always have a small bite of authentically Swiss chocolate ready and waiting.

My Delisse

The My Delisse brand is synonymous with creaminess and sweetness, a product line that envelopes you with softness. Tasty and delicate, these products are perfect for a small snack in the convenient single-portion sizes, or as a dessert to share with friends in the practical tray version. Elegant and refined, the packaging is inspired by springtime garden parties, recalling outdoor tables loaded with irresistible deserts against a backdrop of merry-go-rounds and pastel-colored scenery right out of a walk with Mary Poppins: My Delisse is a spoonful of sweetness.


Like Pavlakis, the Kionas brand is completely focused on Greece specialties, but designed for the large-scale retail trade. The high quality of the ingredients and the authentic taste of products made according to traditional recipes make the Kionas range a unique assortment that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers. The packaging, with its minimal and colourful lines, incorporates carefully-studied Greek elements and Doric columns in the logo for an all-round experience of kalos kai agathos: beautiful and good!


Atlante has developed the Vegamo brand to respond to the growing demand for plant-based products, increasingly in demand by a flexitarian public that for various reasons prefers to reduce or give up consumption of meat and animal derivatives. The line offers a wide and complete assortment of vegetarian and vegan products. Vegamo stands out thanks to the selection of innovative dishes that make vegetarian cuisine tasty and delicious. It includes everything from first courses and alternatives to meat to desserts. In order to offer our consumers the chance to learn more about Vegamo products and discover original recipes, we have a dedicated website, a Facebook page and an Instagram page for Vegamo, creating an integrated digital communication strategy to strengthen the brand identity and create an authentic community with an all-green taste.

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Among the latest market trends, a new type of consumer stands out: he or she is looking for products suitable for a balanced diet with particular attention to fitness. To satisfy this demanding market, Atlante has developed the GO FOR FIT line, which includes products designed for lovers of sport and a dynamic lifestyle who do not want to give up taste when they chose protein and sugar-free chocolate bars or protein pudding and protein milk.

GO FOR FIT is a dynamic brand made up of products that support the consumer during sports and workouts, while still helping them maintain a balanced and tasty diet.

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Atlante Ingredients

Atlante Ingredients demonstrates how we can move quickly when our customers have special demands. The brand was created during the Covid-19 pandemic to respond to the UK’s urgent need for commodities. During this global emergency, Atlante Ingredients offers an ideal solution for basic necessities, such as eggs and flour, providing all the natural goodness of versatile and high-quality products, enclosed in attractive, simple and elegant packaging.

Atlante Brand

The Atlante Brand takes you on a journey through the flavours of Italy, bringing a selection of our peninsula’s most beloved products to consumers in other countries. Italian cuisine is actually a varied combination of unique regional specialties. The richness and variety of these regional flavors reflect ancient traditions, which combined with local raw materials and Italian biodiversity, is what gives the cuisine a rich depth. The Atlante Brand groups a wide range of authentic products, in a refined packaging rich in information and is supported by a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

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Chicchi d’Autore

Chicchi d’Autore is Atlante’s premium-quality oriental rice brand. Today the Chicchi d’Autore brand is dedicated to Basmati rice, grown in Pakistan, made only with naturally aged Super Basmati varieties. The name – which recalls artistic attention to detail — underlines the expertise coming from a centuries-old tradition and careful quality control implemented by our specialised team. The packaging is designed to emphasize the origin and high quality of the rice through an oriental motif graphic design and a transparent window revealing the beauty of the grains, white and elongated. Chicchi d’Autore was created to bring an authentic product to our shelves, unique on the Italian market.

Mr. Cotton

The Mr. Cotton brand was born to express the softness of cotton, personified by a sweet little cotton ball dressed up as an elegant gentleman in a top hat and mustache. A pure, delicate and all-embracing cotton, available in an assortment of colors and design, for a versatile simplicity that creates a perfect mix of classic and contemporary tones. This is a selection of home linens in different shades of colour, suitable for different types of furnishings, to bring all the softness of pure cotton into Italian homes.

La Dolce Casa

The textile line La Dolce Casa brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere to our homes, through a refined assortment of products, colours and design with attention to the smallest details. Both the bed collection and the bathroom collection offer a wide choice: a blaze of patterns and colours created and selected with love, for a home full of elegant charm. The assortment is completed by a delightful collection for the kitchen dedicated to Christmas, but also versatile throughout the year for the most elegant dinners.


A high-end line in top-quality cotton, inspired by a fairytale world of princesses asleep among precious sheets. Running your fingers over the finest weaves of the Incanto fabrics is a pleasure. Incanto sheets are designed with carefully-chosen colour palettes to reflect a refined and modern taste. Designed for sophisticated furnishing, the Incanto line gives your bedroom an elegant touch, wrapping you in a soft embrace that cradles your dreams.


Toffee, chocolates, bon bon… The Dolcero brand represents a dip in a world full of delicacies that delight young and old. Inspired by the candy kiosks of little village’s fairs, Dolcero offers small irresistible moments of classic sweetness that celebrate flavors of tradition, for a timeless taste. Discover also our assortment for special occasions under the Dolcero brand: exquisite chocolates enclosed in delicious packaging dedicated to the most joyful moments of the year.

Le Grand Suisse

Le Grand Suisse is our brand dedicated to our premium line of authentic Swiss chocolate bars, certified by Rainforest Alliance: this certification guarantees the use of cocoa whose production meets high environmental and fair trade standards. With a modern and biting design, Le Grand Suisse brand recalls the Swiss Alps to emphasize the authentic origin of our bars, produced by Swiss master chocolatiers with the finest ingredients. Made with a contemporary and captivating graphic game and gold-plated finishes, the packaging captures consumer’s attention with a dynamic and delicious mix and attention to the smallest details.

Let yourself be tempted by a rich and delicious assortment in which Swiss chocolate is combined with refined ingredients such as orange and salted caramel, for original and irresistible combinations signed by Le Grand Suisse.

Plant Heroes

Plant Heroes is the innovative Atlante brand dedicated to meat alternatives: it is a highly innovative assortment of Fifth generation products, with recipes and ingredients carefully studied by our Research & Development department.

The Plant Heroes “Belli Freschi” line includes products with a meat-like taste and texture, with a pea proteins base. The references are produced and immediately loaded, for a fresh product, as it were freshly made. The recipe of all products is soy-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. Furthermore, the Plant Heroes line is produced in Italy, with high hygiene and quality standards.

We are online with a dedicated website and an Instagram page to engage consumers and share the values of our brand: sustainability and fun!

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Vitto is a brand of Italian food that expresses all the love for food through the payoff “In love with food”. The brand’s mission is to bring the passion and quality of Italian cuisine all over the world.

In the range of Vitto products, 100% Italian, you can find ready sauces, tomato sauces, tasty and fun savory snacks. The packs, colorful and pop, convey the freshness and energy of the Vitto brand.

Berry Sanders

Berry Sanders is the brand dedicated to packaged fruit and vegetable that always guarantees a fresh product that is fresh and ready to use. Within the assortment, there are exotic products such as organic coconut milk, coming directly from Thailand, the exquisite apricots in syrup, ideal to accompany a fresh dessert, and a light and crunchy steamed corn with no added sugar, to give that extra touch of color to salads.


NAT+ organic agave syrup is a natural fructose-based sweetener that is extracted from Mexican blue agave leaves. It has a delicate taste suitable for sweetening hot or cold drinks, sweets, ice creams and protein shakes.


Maple Route is the brand dedicated to organic maple syrup. This syrup is produced in Canada according to the traditional method with the highest-Grade A certification. It is a 100% natural sweetener, low in calories compared to traditional sugar, and versatile in the kitchen as a substitute for sugar and honey.


Nancy’s is the brand dedicated to our peanut butter range, made in the United States.
Atlante offers two delicious products under Nancy’s brand, a classic version with a creamy texture and a crunchy version, enriched with crunchy peanut grains. Nancy’s peanut butter is a tasty product but above all healthy, in fact it is made with only 100% peeled and roasted peanuts and nothing else!


Saboria is Atlante’s new brand of Mexican sauces. Colourful and bright, the brand brings to the table all the taste and energy of South American culture with an explosion of flavours and typical aromas.

The Saboria range includes two sauce variations, one with a stronger, spicier taste and one which is more delicate and harmonious. Inspired by the lively streets of Mexico City, they will give your recipes an exotic twist. Perfect for both a Mexican-themed party or a quiet dinner at home, Saboria is the key to enriching your dishes with unique and enveloping notes.

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