Atlante’s partnership with Frey goes back a long time. And so does Frey. Founded in 1887 in Aarau, Switzerland, by the brothers Robert and Max Frey, it embodies the prestigious tradition of authentic Swiss chocolate. Today it is Switzerland’s leading producer, exporting its chocolate products all over the world. Committed to sustainability, Frey has qualified for IFS and ISO quality certificates and began purchasing UTZ-certified cocoa in 2011, which guarantees respect for workers and the environment.

The high quality of cocoa and raw materials such as milk, which comes exclusively from Swiss pastures, make Frey products a reliable guarantee of excellence. Its product line ranges from refined chocolate bars to pralines and irresistible snacks.


Having successfully completed several projects with Riegelein on the foreign market, Atlante is pleased to extend its collaboration with the German company to become its exclusive distributor in Italy. Founded in 1953 in Cadolzburg near Nuremberg, Germany, the Riegelein company is a leader in the production of holiday-themed chocolates, offering a varied and complete range for all occasions throughout the year.

The company was the first in its field to use Fairtrade cocoa to support and protect workers and the environment. Thanks to a high percentage of certified cocoa of excellent quality and carefully selected ingredients, Riegelein products combine an unmistakable taste and artful packaging with attention to detail, for a creative and varied offering.


This leader in private label production has been in business for 35 years. Polish chocolate maker Millano offers its customers a varied and complete assortment of different types of chocolate bars, bars and pralines, exported all over the world. In particular, the Millano brand stands out for its selection of delicious children’s bars rich in milk, delicious holiday-themed chocolates, and protein and sugar-free bars, for people who pay attention to their health and don’t want to sacrifice taste.

Millano’s long experience acquired over the years, its choice to use certified cocoa, its continuous innovation and its state-of-the-art equipment make its assortments a unique combination of unforgettable tastes and flavours. Thanks to the new partnership with Millano, Atlante expands its chocolate assortment for an increasingly complete and varied offer.


From 2017, our partnership with Lambertz has allowed Atlante to have a wide assortment of delicious cookies in its portfolio. Lambertz got its start as a small pastry shop founded in Aachen, Germany, in 1688, and today the group stands out for its centuries-old history and its worldwide success. With a turnover of €666 million and eight factories, it is one of the three largest cookie manufacturers in Germany. Combining a long confectionery tradition with continuous innovation, the Lambertz line offers a wide and complete assortment of biscuits and snacks, made with excellent quality ingredients by specialized workers and the latest technology while respecting the environment. The company’s secret is to “cultivate tradition, living innovation,” to create surprising, cutting-edge products that follow traditional recipes.


The Dutch company Vivera is one of the most forward-thinking producers of meat alternatives. Its plants are designed exclusively for this market, and its research and development team is dedicated to creating increasingly innovative products, exported all over the world. Behind the Vivera philosophy is the desire to make eating habits more sustainable for the environment through the reducing meat consumption. Vivera offers a wide range of delicious alternatives to meat that faithfully reproduce the taste and texture of meat and fish. Thanks to a solid long-standing relationship, Atlante proudly joins Vivera to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle with its products.


Founded in 1954 in Serres, in the north of Greece, the tiny Kri Kri ice-cream parlour has grown through the years to become one of the most important companies in Greece for ice cream and yoghurt, with a brand recognized and exported all over the world. Using only 100% Greek milk from nearby supply-chain-controlled pastures, the company creates products using traditional recipes, made with the latest technology in modern factories certified by high quality standards. That’s how Kri Kri ensures excellent quality and an authentically Greek flavour that Atlante is proud to be able to distribute to its consumers, thanks to a lasting partnership strengthened by a relationship of trust, respect and exchange.


The Kaiserdom Brewery was founded in 1718 in Bavaria, in the Benedictine monastery of St. Michael in Bamberg, where the brand’s namesake cathedral is located. Kaiserdom, in German, means “Imperial Cathedral.” This brewery’s beer has a long tradition, renewed in 1966 with a modern plant. Today, thanks to the new bottling lines created in 1978, the Kaiserdom brewery offers a complete range of fresh and tasty beers in different formats that are exported to more than 60 countries all over the world. Kaiserdom beer has won several awards. Thanks to its cooperation with the Kaiserdom brewery, Atlante distributes an authentic selection of Bavarian beers.


Martens is a renowned Belgian brewery founded in 1758, successfully run by the same family for eight generations. Thanks to the continuous innovation of the production lines and the wide portfolio of products and formats, the Martens Brewery is one of the most successful in Belgium today, exporting to over 100 countries worldwide. In addition to the Martens brand, which stands for a premium beer with a rich taste and unique freshness, this brewery’s most successful brands include Kristoffel, famous for its three special fermented beers with an unmistakable color and taste. Atlante is pleased to have the opportunity to bring both brands to the Italian market.