Atlante and GDO Week together against food fraud

5 February 2024

Atlante, a strategic partner of main Italian and international retailers for the selection, import and distribution of food products, has always paid particular attention to the risks linked to food fraud. In July 2023, Atlante officially launched the Food Fraud […]


Interview with Natasha Linhart: Global Trends, Sustainability and Italy’s Role in the Future of the Food Industry

15 January 2024

In the following interview Natasha Linhart, founder and CEO of Atlante, shares her perspective on the ongoing revolution in the food industry. With over 30 years of experience Linhart focuses not only on how cultivated meat is promising to transform […]

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Italian chocolate conquers Switzerland – and there’s no sign of stopping

27 December 2023

According to a recent article by Sole 24 Ore, Italian chocolate is currently enjoying a golden moment in Switzerland and on the global stage. Exports have increased by 37% in four years, with a further increase in 2023. Atlante, having […]

Selezione di formaggi


12 October 2023

The complexity and opportunities of the cheese business in Italy, import and export.

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Atlante grows and boosts exports

26 September 2023

Natasha Linhart, founder and CEO of Atlante, was interviewed by Corriere Della Sera, where she discussed the company’s exponential growth and the increasing consolidation of its international reputation. Investment in training and innovation underpins the company’s growth process and is […]


The feta market in Italy continues to grow with record values

4 September 2023

Greece specialist Atlante is riding the wave of success of the most popular Greek cheese among Italian consumers and registering staggering growth rates. In recent years, Greek cheeses have conquered the palates of Italians thanks to their distinctive flavour and […]

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A Task Force against Food Fraud Uncovering, Defeating and Protecting Against Food Fraud

19 July 2023

Product and customer protection is central to Atlante, which is why we have developed a robust Food Fraud Risk Assessment Plan. This plan is based on an in-depth knowledge of food fraud vulnerability assessment tools and techniques, which are applied […]


Ian Perotto, Chief Supply Chain Officer, awarded Top 10 most influential people in Supply Chain 2023

10 July 2023

Ian Perotto, Atlante’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, was selected by CIO Views as Top 10 most influential people in Supply Chain 2023 Ian Perotto: A Renowned Executive with Years of Experience in Diverse Areas of Supply Chain Over the past […]


Highly volatile agrifood markets: modelling and forecasting for a new supply chain approach

15 May 2023

Wheat, rice, sunflower and tomato are some of the agricultural commodities that can really change the world balance.
Predicting global production, supply and cost trends makes the difference between full shelves and empty shelves – and indeed Covid 19 pandemic made it particularely evident.
For this reason, Atlante chose to use in-depth analytical and forecast research and share it with its commercial partners, to face every possible future scenario together.
In this video Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante, and Enrica Gentile, CEO of Aretè, discuss the new “crystal ball” that enables us to navigate highly volatile agrifood markets. Data analytics and forecasting systems allow planning and facilitate dialogue along the supply chain, while containing price risk even in extremely volatile situations.


Natasha Linhart recognised as most successful Greek Export Partner

31 March 2023

Atlante honoured as most virtuous player in the food sector at the prestigious Export Summit in Thessaloniki   Natasha Linhart, CEO of Atlante, a strategic partner in the retail sector with a staff of 100 and a turnover of 215 […]


The world of sweeteners is growing and Atlante is on the market with products in line with trends

22 December 2022

“The market for sugar alternatives is dynamic and ever-expanding, especially after the pandemic, which saw many consumers adapting their diets to a healthier lifestyle,” says Paola Parini, Category Manager at Atlante. “One effect of this is the reduction in sugar […]


High protein and plant based? It can be done!

29 August 2022

The consumer base for plant-based drinks in Italy continues to expand “Atlante entered this market around 25 years ago. We were the first in Italy to unlock these products, which were initially designed exclusively for people with intolerances and sold […]


Sunflower oil crisis: if the March planting season is missed, food companies could suffer incalculable damages

8 March 2022

Atlante shines a light on the sunflower oil crisis that is occurring at the stock and food production level in Italy and Europe. Sunflower oil is used in a wide variety of food products, from fried foods, cookies, mayonnaise and […]