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Private Label

Market and product expertise is our hallmark, what makes us the ideal partner for turnkey Private Label projects. Through our thorough management, we ensure a flawless and complete project implementation, all the way from market analyses to production site inspections and logistics optimisation. Our decade-long experience with Private Label projects enables us to fulfil expectations by improving efficiency, while affording complete cost transparency from production to store.

Our brands

“Innovation” is a by-word for Atlante, thanks to an ever-growing R&D department constantly focused on introducing new and exciting products both for Italy and the export market. Drawing from market analyses and sectorial studies, we constantly develop new products that stand out among the competition by virtue of their price level, market target or brand positioning. Our focus on the production process, all the way from raw material sourcing to packaging development, ensures that our products are born ready for national and global distribution.

Global brands

Atlante’s new frontier is to identify those international products that hold the best potential for the Italian market, evaluating their costs and ROI. Starting from packaging adaptation and all through to advertising, we painstakingly manage all aspects of the project to ensure its success. The product is adapted to the requirements of the Italian market while keeping costs under close scrutiny, so as to maximise profitability. Our brand portfolio including Swiss Frey chocolate, Riegelein and Millano sweet temptation, King Island coconut water, the Lambertz biscuits and a wide range of beers by Martens, TBC, Kaiserdom and Union.

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