Our values rest on sound foundations summed up by Atlante’s three A’s: Accountability, Authenticity, Adaptability.


  • Towards customers and suppliers, in our being proactive and achieving our goals and in our respect for rules and deadlines.
  • Among colleagues, because we are convinced that a team is not built simply by working together, but also and primarily by doing it with trust and mutual respect.

By the same token, we strive daily to achieve the best product quality and process optimisation, all the while respecting the environment and safeguarding consumers’ health and quality of life. We believe in good, healthy and safe products.

Authenticity in our work ethics, reflecting who we are. Our goal is to promote healthy eating, positive lifestyles and a higher awareness in consumers’ choices. We promote honest products and clean labels. Respect is central among our values, whether for the people, the laws or the environment.

Adaptability in problem-solving and in our capacity to constantly re-align our processes and methods. This ensures quick reactions and an adequate management of all timing and production constraints. We can react rapidly to any unforeseeen challenge – thanks to our being directly involved in every stage of the production process – while keeping raw material and production costs constantly under control. Adaptability is also about following the evolution of market trends and matching customers’ needs.