The atlas – atlante in Italian – is the book of maps. Atlante is a journey into the food industry and a quest for delicious products from around the world.

The story of Atlante began in the mid-nineties, when Natasha Linhart’s passion for health food met with Federico Nanni’s determination for excellence, leading them to explore the European food landscape and searching for specialties that could satisfy the needs of quality and price in the Italian market.

Putting work ethics at the centre of the company’s values soon bore its fruits: Natasha and Federico gained the respect of European producers and the trust of retailers, building Atlante’s reputation on sound foundations and rapidly becoming a trustworthy partner for major Italian supermarket chains.

If bringing the world to Italy was Atlante’s original call, its natural counterpart was soon added: sharing the extraordinary variety and quality of the Italian gastronomic tradition around the world.

In 2011 Atlante signs a strategic partnership agreement with the Swiss giant Migros to introduce Swiss products in the Italian market and export Italian specialities to Switzerland. In 2014 Atlante becomes a strategic sourcing partner for the UK retailer Sainsbury’s for the selection and distribution of Italian products and production sites audits. A steady growth in export and participation to prestigious national and international projects followed, within the frame of an ambitious 5-year plan to project Atlante towards the future.

The voyage of Atlante continues today with an ever-growing international team that chose to call Bologna – where passion of quality food is a lifestyle – home. Particular importance is given to lifelong learning, with courses in all sectors, from project management to information technology, to languages and negotiation skills. This care towards the constant improvement of each member of the team makes Atlante what it is today: the ideal partner for every national and international food project, always in line with the company’s payoff: Food of the World.